Top 5 must-have apps for food truck operators (2023)

Food trucks are all the rage. According tonew research, food trucks will generate $2.7 billion in revenue this year. That's a fourfold increase from the National Restaurant Association's 2012 food truck revenue estimate of $650 million. This in itself is proof that you have a bright future ahead of you if you are in the food business.

However, as a food truck operator you have many tasks, responsibilities and challenges that will only increase as you grow. That's why it's so important to get organized from the start by implementing tools such as agps tracker za automobile,aplan route,g financial management software to help you run your food truck business more efficiently. Here are five such applications that can help you streamline key areas of your business.


Apart from the quick task of preparing food for orders, you also have to make sure that your trucks arrive at certain locations on time to serve more customers. Here is Route4Meroute planning softwarebe able to help. Hefleet mapping softwarewill help youplan the most efficient routes possible in just 30 secondsand make sure your truck drivers reach their assigned stations on time, without getting stuck in traffic jams, bad weather conditions or waiting for a left turn.

But that is not all. Here is a list of some important features offered by Route4Meroute optimization softwarethat can change the way your business works.

add notes

If you have a habit of taking notes in various places,route planner for multiple destinationsincluded in Route4Me has you covered. Herouting softwareIt comes with an "add note" feature that allows you to add a status, text, signature or images to each stop on the route from the software's mobile app. Then all the notes are centralized, so you and your team can see them anytime, anywhere. Your notes can also be automatically tagged with the exact coordinates of where they were created.

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Do you want to see for yourself how Route4Me can increase your profits?

Whether you want to reduce the time it takes to plan routes for your drivers, increase the number of stops they can make, or make your customers happy knowing your drivers are on time... Route4Me helps you get there!

Start your 7-day free trial

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screen with an interactive map

The interactive map view is a powerful feature offered by Route4Me.shipping softwareThis helps you visualize, on a map, where you are operating, where you are not and how much it would cost to expand into untapped areas. This will help you make informed decisions about expansion so you won't regret these choices later.

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Territory management

If you have multiple food trucks, the territory management feature will come in handy. It helps you draw regions on the map, save regions as groups, and plan routes based on selected regions. It makes it all yoursroute planningfaster and more efficient process.

Reports and analyses

Route4Meschedule optimization softwareoffers a reporting and analytics feature that helps control your costs and allows you to identify areas that need improvement. For example, you can see your total fuel costs, average fuel cost for the trip, all notes added each day, total distance traveled and routes per day.

gps tracker za automobile

If you operate multiple food trucks, you need to keep track of what your drivers are doing on the road. You must ensure that they follow your instructions exactly and do not waste your resources on personal stops or long breaks in business hours. This is what makes GPS car tracking possible.

Agps trackerwill help you track your drivers in real time, with only a 60 second delay. So if the truck driver is speeding or the truck breaks down in the middle of the road, you will know immediately and be able to take action. And if the truck driver's device goes offline, the Route4Me system will automatically load GPS tracking as soon as internet access is restored.

A GPS car tracker also helps protect your business assets. For example, if one of your trucks is damaged or stolen overnight, you will be notified immediately. This is undoubtedly a great improvement after learning of such events the next morning. It also helps protect your vehicles from theft.


Mint is a great budgeting and money management tool that can help you stay on top of your finances from your mobile device. Although this app is primarily designed for individuals to manage their personal finances, it also works great for businesses.

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Mint helps you track all your spending, create savings goals, and plan for the future. The tool also lets you categorize your purchases and create a budget based on what you've spent in the past. This is a great way to estimate your future expenses and how much you should budget for each type of purchase. Another big plus is that integrating food trucks with a physical presence is not a problem with this app.

Be sure to use Mint to track and manage personal expenses as well so that both you and your business can take advantage of the full potential of this powerful software.

#3Shopify TPV

Shopify POS is a popular payment processor for food trucks. It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows you to:

  • Process transactions and accept payments (including mobile payments, credit or debit card payments and cash);
  • Printing and sending invoices by e-mail;
  • Start a customer loyalty program;
  • Track business and financial requirements for your trucks.

It can also integrate with other prominent applications such as Facebook, Mailchimp and Quickbooks.

#4 Trucker

Truckili is a food truck locator app that allows you to update your current location with just one click on your Android or iOS smartphone and instantly share it on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

Whenever your location changes, Truckily and your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare accounts automatically update with the new location. So your guests can easily find out where you serve during the day, without searching for news. This saves you a lot of time to inform your customers. The app even sends a push notification to fans who want to be alerted when you're nearby.

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Truckily also allows you to schedule your location in advance, whether it's a week or a year in the future.

#5any. to do is a task management app that helps you keep track of your to-dos and control your schedule. It also keeps all your tasks, lists, and reminders in one place, and they're always in sync across all your devices. The app also comes with a user-friendly interface and several powerful features, such as:

  • Time and location reminders;
  • Widgets inteligentes;
  • Works with Google Calendar, iCloud and Exchange;
  • Ability to record voice tasks.

Have you explored any of these apps? Do you have any favorites? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Also, here are three questions you can ask yourself to make sure you understand the benefits of GPS car trackers and the other apps we've covered in this article:

  1. How does a GPS car tracker help you protect your business assets?
  2. CanGPS management softwarehelp correct driver behavior?
  3. what benefitsgps programsoffer your business?

Top 5 must-have apps for food truck operators (3)

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Do you want to see for yourself how Route4Me can increase your profits?

Whether you want to reduce the time it takes to plan routes for your drivers, increase the number of stops they can make, or make your customers happy knowing your drivers are on time... Route4Me helps you get there!

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What are the top 5 reasons food trucks fail? ›

5 Reasons Food Trucks Fail and How to Avoid Mistakes
  • Cutting Corners on Equipment. The biggest leap from idea to fruition is purchasing your first food truck. ...
  • Not Knowing Your Audience. ...
  • Not Knowing Yourself. ...
  • Not Marketing Your Business. ...
  • Buying Cheap Equipment.
Mar 28, 2023

What is the most profitable food to make on a food truck? ›

Barbecue is consistently rated as North America's most popular – and most profitable – food truck item. Find out what kind of BBQ your customers want, and you'll be the hottest eatery on the block. With some simple spices, sauces, and seasonings, you can make any kind of BBQ your own.

What is the app for tracking food trucks? ›

Find your next meal using StreetFoodFinder! SFF helps you find and choose which food truck / cart to eat at!

What is the top 3 most popular food truck foods? ›

The Most Profitable Foods for A Food Truck Business
  1. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Grilled sandwiches with melted cheese are a customer favorite for their satisfying taste, texture, and convenience. ...
  2. Mexican Food. ...
  3. Gourmet Burgers. ...
  4. Mac n Cheese. ...
  5. Indian Street Food. ...
  6. French Fries. ...
  7. Loaded Fries. ...
  8. Taco Truck.
Mar 14, 2023

How much do most food trucks make a day? ›

How much money an average food truck can make depends on the price of the menu, the market, and how busy the truck gets. One source says that food trucks can make an average revenue of $250,000 to $500,000 annually. *** That breaks down to $20,000 to $42,000 per month, or $667 to $1,400 per day.

How can I increase my food truck profit? ›

9 Strategies to Increase Your Food Truck Revenue
  1. Create a solid, memorable concept. ...
  2. Offer something no other food truck is offering. ...
  3. Offer mobile ordering and payment. ...
  4. Change or add to your menu seasonally. ...
  5. Partner with other local businesses. ...
  6. Cater weddings, parties, and office events. ...
  7. Attend local festivals.

How many items should be on a food truck menu? ›

A good rule of thumb is that most food trucks can handle five to 12 different menu items at any given time. The fewer the better to keep your quality top notch.

What is the easiest food tracking app? ›

A quick look at the best calorie counter apps
  • Best overall: MyFitnessPal.
  • Best free features: Lose It!
  • Best fully free: FatSecret.
  • Best for specific diets: Cronometer.
  • Best for weight loss: Noom.
  • Best for building healthy habits: Lifesum.
  • Best for diet quality: MyNetDiary.
  • Best for simplicity: Calory.
Mar 7, 2023

Are food tracking apps worth it? ›

As you log your food, you'll get a better understanding of general nutrition, which can help you make changes when meal planning. Apps can also be helpful when learning about portion sizes, which can be difficult to visualize and even more difficult to understand within a daily calorie budget.

Who eats most from food trucks? ›

Middle-class millennials are the target audience for food truck businesses. 43% of monthly food truck spending is attributed to people between the ages of 25 and 44, and an additional 20% is attributed to people under the age of 25.

What are the top 5 food truck cities in America? ›

Luckily for you we've compiled a list of the top 10 food truck cities in America.
  • San Francisco California.
  • Miami Florida. ...
  • Chicago Illinois. ...
  • Minneapolis Minnesota. Most people will tell you that the food truck scene is best on either the west or east coast. ...

What makes a good food truck menu? ›

Food Truck Menu Ideas:
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Find a unique angle.
  • Choose foods that cook quickly.
  • Use the same ingredient for more dishes.
  • Complement your food with some drinks.
Jun 29, 2021

What are weaknesses of a food truck? ›

Cons to Owning a Food Truck Business

You only have a limited amount of space to prepare and serve food, so you have to be very efficient with your menu. Additionally, because you're mobile, you can't build up the same kind of loyal customer base that a traditional restaurant has.

What is the failure rate of food trucks? ›

With a failure rate of about 60%, food trucks can be an unreliable business idea.

What are common problems food trucks run into? ›

The Top 5 Challenges Food Truck Owners Face
  • Permits and Regulations.
  • Location, Location, Location.
  • Inventory and Menus.
  • Wearing Many Hats.
  • An Inefficient Kitchen.
Oct 28, 2019

What is a day in the life of a food truck owner? ›

Solo food truck entrepreneurs work anywhere from 10-16hrs per day. Their time is spent purchasing supplies, prepping food, loading/unloading, driving, cooking, serving, updating budgets, updating social platforms…etc).

What consumer trends make food trucks successful? ›

Customers nowadays are knowledgeable technophiles who demand that food trucks provide them with cutting-edge technological conveniences like online ordering, smartphone applications, and electronic payment processing.

Do food trucks pay for locations? ›

Yes, food trucks typically pay for locations in order to operate in certain areas. These fees can vary widely depending on the location, the time of day, and the popularity of the area.

What is the best color for a food truck? ›

Using The Right Colors

In general, warm colors like red and yellow are great for creating an open and outgoing atmosphere. Cooler colors like blue will lend you a calm and trustworthy aesthetic to help you stand out, while green is often associated with healthy and fresh foods.

Can you make money with mobile kitchen? ›

People will see your mobile kitchen when you set it up at an event venue. Mobile kitchens have become common nowadays. You can use them to sell food at events such as birthdays and weddings. You are likely to make a lot of money from this business because many people find these kitchens convenient.

What are the top food truck menus? ›

Top 20 Food Truck Menus
  • Crepes with special toppings.
  • Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwiches.
  • Pizza.
  • Ice cream and soft serve.
  • Shaved ice / Italian ice.
  • Indian food.
  • Hawaiian food.
  • Chicken wings.
Nov 27, 2019

What is the best size for a food truck? ›

Food trucks are typically 16 feet long and 7 feet wide but can range in size from 10-26 feet long. This versatile vehicle is designed for street parking to serve pedestrians that may be passing by. Food is prepared and cooked in the vehicle and sold to individual customers from the window on the side of the truck.

What should food truck margins be? ›

Food truck profit margin

Profit margins in food service as a whole average between 3 and 8%. But to reach a profit margin in the positives, you'll need to break even on your startup costs.

Why is my food truck failing? ›

Excess Cost of Operations. Most food trucks fail because they don't get the cost of operation under control. Some owners enter the industry expecting food, labor, and the vehicle to be their initial costs. However, other expenses can slowly add up, especially if you do not have an established budget.

What are 4 ways to attract customers? ›

10 Ways to Get New Customers
  • Ask for referrals. ...
  • Network. ...
  • Offer discounts and incentives for new customers only. ...
  • Re-contact old customers. ...
  • Improve your website. ...
  • Partner with complementary businesses. ...
  • Promote your expertise. ...
  • Use online reviews to your advantage.
Apr 6, 2017

What are the six strategies to attract customers? ›

The following six strategies will help you attract and keep customers.
  • Offer quality products. Good quality is the most important reason cited by consumers for buying directly from farmers. ...
  • Cultivate good people skills. ...
  • Know your customers. ...
  • Use attractive packaging. ...
  • Let customers try samples. ...
  • Be willing to change.

What do you say to attract customers? ›

What do you say to attract customers?
  • Beautiful in Its Simplicity. ...
  • Artistically Inspired. ...
  • Enhance Your Life. ...
  • Enhance Your Beauty. ...
  • Looks so Good on the Outside, It'll Make You Feel Good Inside. ...
  • Never Looked so Good. ...
  • Simply Awesome. ...
  • Perfect From Beginning to End.
Nov 8, 2020

What is the most followed food truck on Instagram? ›

1. Astro Doughnuts, Los Angeles, 50,400 followers. Astro Doughnuts has expanded over the years and now run multiple trucks in several locations in Los Angeles including Santa Monica, Hollywood and Playa District.

What is a good marketing budget for a food truck? ›

With that base and a percentage range, it's reasonable to estimate that a food truck business should devote between $3,000 and $6,000 to marketing. You might bring that budget down to a $1,500 to $3,000 range because you are just starting.

What are the four Ps of marketing with a food truck? ›

To successfully market your business, you must consider the product, the price, the “place”, and the promotion. A great food truck marketing plan will take these four elements, allowing them to work together seamlessly.

What app tells you everything in food? ›

What is FoodSwitch? FoodSwitch gives you immediate, easy-to-understand information about packaged food products, as well as a list of similar foods that are healthier choices. You can access this through the app by scanning the product barcode using your smartphone camera.

What is the best food database? ›

FooDB is the world's largest and most comprehensive resource on food constituents, chemistry and biology. It provides information on both macronutrients and micronutrients, including many of the constituents that give foods their flavor, color, taste, texture and aroma.

What are the best completely free food tracking apps? ›

Others are subscription based services or require a one-time fee to join. Ultimately, choosing the best food tracking and nutrition app comes down to what you think will provide the best results. If you're looking for a simple, free tracker, then MyFitnessPal, Cronometer and MyNetDiary are great options.

What is the most successful food delivery app? ›

Key food delivery statistics
  • China is the largest market for food delivery, with a market size of $42.5 billion in 2022. ...
  • The entire food delivery app industry is expected to reach $165 billion market size by 2029.
  • Uber Eats is the most popular food delivery app, Delivery Hero has the most collective users.
6 days ago

What apps track food by photos? ›

Count calories and nutrients just by taking a picture. Bitesnap recognizes the foods in your meals, saving you time and making it simple to build healthy eating habits.

How many Cals do I need a day? ›

Women should consume no less than 1,200 calories per day, while men should consume no less than 1,500 per day (unless otherwise instructed by a doctor). The generally recommended amount of calories that women should consume is around 2,000 calories per day while men should aim for 2,500 calories per day.

Why is food tracking so hard? ›

Lack of consistency: Since most nutritional data is recorded manually, it is very challenging to maintain consistent food logs over a long period of time.

What are the disadvantages of food tracking? ›

For many, a major disadvantage of food tracking is losing the freedom and flexibility to try new recipes, foods, or choose their meals based on what they would truly enjoy eating vs.

What is the best app for tracking food and water? ›

Nutrilio is the best app for everybody who starts with a food or water track, wants to lose weight, or just wants to be mindful. If you have food allergies, health symptoms, or mood swings, you would benefit too. It is proven - the first step to a healthy body is tracking your intake.

What are the risks of owning a food truck? ›

Liability – Every business has liability exposure and the food truck business does especially since you are dealing with food. Food-related illnesses such as food poisoning, auto accidents, and slips and falls are just some of the risks that are apparent when running a food truck business.

What is the most common reason a food business fails? ›

The problem: Not filling a gap in the market

One of the biggest reasons food businesses fail is because they are entering an already saturated market with high levels of competition. Just because a product may be great doesn't guarantee that it will stand out on the shelf, especially against long-established brands.

What were the first 2 foods sold on a food truck? ›

The very first food trucks date back to the chuckwagon. These covered wagons sold perishable food to cowboys and loggers in the American wilderness. In a typical chuck wagon, you'd find beans, cured meat, coffee, and biscuits. It would also carry water, and wood to build fires.

Are food trucks stressful? ›

Be prepared to work grueling hours and deal with stressful situations, because there will be a lot of them. In order to run a successful food truck, you need the right comn=bination of great cooking skills and a great business sense.

What makes a food truck special? ›

The permission to specialize: Nearly every truck has a “thing,” whether it's three kinds of fish tacos or the perfect grilled cheese. When you open a restaurant, people push you to cater to everyone and every diet, but with a food truck, you're allowed—even encouraged—to master one specific thing (fish tacos, please!).

What is the failure rate of a food truck business? ›

With a failure rate of about 60%, food trucks can be an unreliable business idea.

How is the food truck industry expected to grow over the next year the next 10 years? ›

The U.S. food truck services market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.4% from 2022 to 2030 to reach USD 2.04 billion by 2030.
Report AttributeDetails
Growth RateCAGR of 6.4% from 2022 to 2030
Base year for estimation2021
Historical data2017 - 2020
Forecast period2022 - 2030
9 more rows

How many items should you have per category on a menu? ›

Miller, a cognitive psychology expert, found that most people can only retain seven pieces of information at a time. That doesn't mean you should only have seven menu items, but it does mean that you should consider categorizing your menu items and keeping the offerings within each category between three and seven.

What is the most common type of food service? ›

1. Waiter service. More commonly known as sit-down service, this type of service requires a waiter to take care of everything from taking orders to serving food and payment. Service is more personalized as you serve diners directly.

How is food cost percentage calculated? ›

Food Cost Percentage = (Cost of Goods Sold/Revenue)*100

In this formula, cost of goods sold (COGS) is how much money you spent purchasing the inventory that went into a menu item. It's the total cost of the ingredients in the dish(es) in question. Revenue is how much you charge customers for that dish.


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