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Multi-award-winning blogger Victoria Magrath is at the forefront when it comes to women's fashion. Victoria has been blogging about what's good about Frow (which is F-Row/Front Row btw) since late 2012, has also done her PhD on the subject and published the bestsellerThe new fashion rulesand has worked with brands such as Dyson Hair, Dior Makeup and Armani Beauty as ambassadors. For Victoria, however, it's not just about what's worth wearing - her success has allowed her to work with charities she's passionate about, most recently the British Red Cross during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2.Mode Foie Gras

In the same spot remains Emily Johnston's Fashion Foie Gras, offering the tastiest tailoring since its launch in 2009. Daily fashion news was the blog's original purpose, which has since evolved into a personal account of Emily's life in travel, food, but mostly fashion. And although this blogger lives in London, she's from America, which means readers get a mix of what's trending in the British capital, as well as in places like Beaufort, Charleston or Savannah across the pond. Emily is also a well-travelled writer, appearing in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Glamor and HELLO! contributed.

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A household name for anyone who has had an internet connection in the last decade is Zoella - the influencer and the woman behind the third blog in our womenswear ranking. The Zoella team regularly shares trends, releases and fashion ideas in the style section of the blog, helping you spice up your wardrobe. Find out how to style off shoulder tops, what to wear to the beer garden (other than a face mask, of course) and the best shorts with the Weekly Wants feature. Yes, they really are back in style - it's time to invest in a pair.

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4.Sapphire Raindrop

Lorna Burford, who also has a denim side hustle and is also the blogger behind The Jeans Blog, infuses her fashionista fans with inspiration for what to wear. Here Lorna shares her clothing for each season, plus beauty, bags, shoes, wellies, sunglasses, watches, new arrivals, gift guides and advice. Her 20 favorite summer looks and four different looks for day and night are particularly practical for the current season and the associated rise in temperature (shorts are not part of any of them, maybe you can be happy...) .


Since starting this blog in 2007, it has been starring Navaz Batliwalla, the girl who posts "observations and opinions on fashion culture" on Disneyrollergirl. Practical fashion is the focus here, Navaz uses all his industry experience to keep things practical and honest when recommending fits to his followers. A must-have resource for industry insights into fashion and beauty, as well as emerging trends in editorial shots, Navaz shares what's on the radar in stores (online etc.) as well as in photoshoots and videos. And why Disneyrollergirl for the name? It's a mix of my favorite song from the Beach Boys, Disney Girls, and my obsession with the 70's.miss skating’.

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Formerly known as What Emma Did, Powder Rooms is now a hub for lifestyle, wellness, beauty, self-care and, YES, fashion in the UK. Based in Manchester but written for women around the world, makeup artist Emma Campbell's blog features in-depth features, product reviews and how-to guides. According to Emma, ​​how to stay in style this summer? Gold jewellery, cat-eye sunglasses, loungewear and luxury watches. And as slow fashion begins to overtake fast fashion in popularity, longevity is also a theme in the powder rooms - read Emma's picks for versatile pieces for summer 2020 and beyond.

7.That's not my age

This blog was born in 2008, but age doesn't matter to Alyson Walsh, who started That's Not My Age to cater to "all the women who refuse to be invisible." This author, former fashion magazine editor and freelance journalist celebrating women of all ages, packs a lot into her style section - inspiration, style for all ages, what women are wearing and expert style advice. What works in real life is what Alyson advises — find the clothes and accessories that make your readers feel good in their everyday lives, not what makes magazine covers, viral Instagram posts, or the runway. .

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8.Not dressed in lamb

Not dressing like a lamb, but helping to dress in a way that suits you best is what Catherine Summers' Not Dressed As Lamb offers. Staying in this year's womenswear rankings, this blog is for anyone who's ever wondered, "Who wants to be 'age appropriate' anyway?". "Occasionally appropriate" is always in fashion for Catherine, who tends to wear bright colors and mix up her patterns. In fact, the self-proclaimed 'Queen of Clash' recently shared her birthday outfit in a 'Dating Out' post - Summery Prints and Bold Colors (inspiration for anyone who's currently crafting outfits from leftover closets).

Blogger and vlogger Lydia launched her 'Internet Corner' during her senior year to help her complete her dissertation. Lydia found it an ideal outlet for her creativity and love of fashion and has grown and changed with the blog - today readers can find snapshots of her daily life, beauty essentials and clothes. Lydia encourages interaction with her audience, asking her opinion on fashion and offering advice – “do I buy the dress of the sages of dreams or do I accept my fate? and let them know what you think.

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10.curious aware

Sustainability should be in fashion for all seasons and occasions, and when you both know what it takes to live a cleaner, more ethnic lifeeIf you want to know how to extend this to your clothes, Besma's blog is for you. A gentle lifestyle, clean beauty and sustainable fashion take center stage, as blogger Besma believes that "caring for people and the planet is just as important as a product's effectiveness and price". As what we all hold to be important has changed dramatically over the past few months, being aware of the journey that the clothing we choose has taken has become a much bigger concern for many of us. Interestingly, Mindful helps make the most of your clothes and continue to invest in fashion that lasts long after lockdown.


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