May 2021 Current Events: US News (2023)

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The world is a very busy place and it's hard to keep track. InfoPlease is here for you. Here are the US news events you need to know so far for May 2021:

  1. coronavirus updates
  2. Shooting in New Orleans and Idaho
  3. Coronavirus updates (2)
  4. Filming in Colorado Springs and Chicago
  5. Gas line hack creates bottlenecks
  6. Coronavirus updates (3)
  7. The electoral debate and the insurrection votes continue
  8. Biden lifts sanctions against Russia oil pipeline
  9. Coronavirus updates (4)
  10. Mass shootings in San Jose and Florida
  11. Plane crash in Nashville

coronavirus updates

May 2021 Current Events: US News (2)

On May 5, the White House announced to the governors that unsolicited vaccines would be redistributed every week. This means that states that do not order their allocated amount will be sent elsewhere. On May 5, a new study published information that booster doses of the Covid vaccine can help fight variants. The study also showed that full vaccination is more beneficial than a single dose of Pfizer's vaccine. Some studies have shown that boosters of the vaccine can help even more, but that two doses are 95% effective. However, the scientists explained that people under the age of 35 do not plan to receive the vaccine and that it could affect the US's ability to achieve herd immunity. Experts continue to urge people over the age of sixteen to get vaccinated. On May 7, the CDC updated its website to emphasize that covid is airborne. This new emphasis says that it is more common to become infected by inhalation than by surfaces. On May 7, it was reported that the bodies of Covid-19 victims are still being stored in refrigerated trucks as morgues are still overcrowded. (CNN)

Fotoquelle: AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos

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Shooting in New Orleans and Idaho

May 2021 Current Events: US News (3)

On May 3, there were two shootings in New Orleans that left at least two dead and five wounded. Police have released very little information about the shootings and no suspects are believed to be in custody. On May 7, a 12-year-old girl shot and wounded three people at an Idaho school. The victims were two students of approximately the same age and an employee. The victims are expected to survive and the girl has been detained. No reason was given. (CNN)

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Fotoquelle: AP Photo/Natalie Behring

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Coronavirus updates (2)

May 2021 Current Events: US News (4)

On May 10, CNN reported that there are several US states that are not requiring their allotted amount of covid-19 vaccines. The unsolicited percentage was moved to a federal government port created in anticipation of falling demand across the country. On May 12, the Secret Service seized $2 billion in fraudulently claimed Covid funds. The FBI is still investigating cases of fraudulent unemployment and economic injury. (CNN)

Fotoquelle: AP Photo/John Minchillo

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Filming in Colorado Springs and Chicago

May 2021 Current Events: US News (5)

On May 9, a shooting at a birthday party in Colorado Springs, CO left at least 6 people and the suspected shooter dead. The suspect is believed to be the boyfriend of one of the victims. The children were also at the party but were unharmed. Police are still investigating a possible motive. This shooting comes less than two months after the mass shooting at Kings Soopers in Boulder, CO. On May 15, three people were injured and two were killed in a shooting at a Chicago gathering. No suspect has been found and no information on a motive has been released. (CNN)

Fotoquelle: AP Photo/Thomas Peipert

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Gas line hack creates bottlenecks

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Gas line hack creates bottlenecks

May 2021 Current Events: US News (6)

On May 12, the Colonial Pipeline was hacked, forcing the company to shut down its network. The shutdown caused inventories to dwindle and prices to skyrocket. The company usually delivers fuel to the East Coast, which has been hardest hit. Government officials have had to warn people that putting fuel in plastic bags is unsafe, as many people panic at gas stations. The Colonial Pipeline has warned that it may be a few days before normal operations can resume. (CNN/BBC)

Fotoquelle: AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

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Coronavirus updates (3)

May 2021 Current Events: US News (7)

On May 20, the CDC announced that those who are vaccinated will no longer have to wear masks or socially distance indoors. At least 24 states have reversed their mandates to follow the new guidelines. On May 22, the CDC announced that 38% of the US population is fully vaccinated. (CNN)

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The electoral debate and the insurrection votes continue

May 2021 Current Events: US News (8)

On May 17, former President Trump erroneously reported that results had been removed in an Arizona city. The report is part of the ongoing scrutiny process launched by Republicans who claim that Donald Trump is the true winner of the 2020 election. Arizona officials still deny any wrongdoing or biased results. On May 20, the House of Representatives passed a vote on the January 6 insurgency and now sends it to the Senate. On May 26, Mitt Romney announced his support for legislation that would allow officials to investigate the January 6 invasion of the Capitol. Romney and some other Republican senators advocated blocking the law, equating it with blocking the truth. Romney believes that not supporting the bill would mean Republicans would try to block the truth. On May 28, Republicans voted to block legislation that would allow an investigation into the incident, saying it is already under investigation. (CNN)

Photo credit: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

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Biden lifts sanctions against Russia oil pipeline

May 2021 Current Events: US News (9)

On May 20, President Biden waived sanctions against Nord Stream 2, a Russian oil pipeline. The exemption applies both to the company that builds the controversial oil pipeline between Russia and Germany, and to the Executive Branch, an ally of President Putin. The pipeline is already 95% complete. (BBC)

Fotoquelle: Mikhail Klimentyev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

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Coronavirus updates (4)

May 2021 Current Events: US News (10)

On May 26, President Biden announced that he would give US intelligence agencies 90 days to re-examine the origins of COVID-19. Biden said they will focus on whether the virus came from animals or was man-made and escaped from a Chinese lab. On May 27, a study found that most severe cases of Covid-19 result in long-term symptoms. Nearly three-quarters of people with moderate to severe covid had at least one ongoing symptom. Most had symptoms for at least 60 days after their diagnosis. On the same day, researchers found that covid cases fell 19%, as roughly half of the adult population was vaccinated. On May 27, the US saw a surge in vaccination interest after the CDC announced that vaccinated people may no longer need to wear masks. On May 29, the CDC reported that 166 million people received at least the first dose of the vaccine. To date, the only areas that still require masks for those who get vaccinated are California, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The CDC also reported that 1 in 10 people have contracted the virus; However, they believe it is an undercount and that the number is closer to 1 in 3. (CNN)

Fotoquelle: AP Photo/Aaron Favila

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Mass shootings in San Jose and Florida

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Mass shootings in San Jose and Florida

May 2021 Current Events: US News (11)

On May 26, at least 9 people were killed in a shooting at a San Jose light rail station. Of the 9 dead, investigators believe at least one was the suspect. Many of the victims were employees of the shooter at the Valley Transportation Authority. Investigators are still looking for a motive for this sudden outburst of violence, although the suspect's ex-wife told investigators that she often spoke angrily about her colleagues. On May 30, armed men in an SUV pulled up outside the El Mula banquet hall in Miami, which had been rented for a concert. Three men got out of the vehicle with assault rifles and pistols and began firing indiscriminately into the crowd. At least 2 people died and another 20 were injured. The police are seeking information on the suspects. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

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Plane crash in Nashville

May 2021 Current Events: US News (12)

On May 31, a small plane crashed into a lake in Nashville, killing at least 7 people. Tarzan actor Joe Lara and Christian nutrition guru Gwen Shamblin Lara were on board and are presumed dead. Lara was also a leader and founder of Remnant Fellowship Church. Dive teams search for possible survivors (although none are expected) and wreckage. (CNN)

Fotoquelle: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

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