Luxury vacation on a Caribbean yacht cruise (2023)

Megaships are known to sail through the Caribbean. But why be one of thousands on a large cruise ship when you can be part of a small, select group of guests onluxuriousCruising the Caribbean? On an award-winning luxury cruise ship, no less!

If you've been praying for the answer to the perfect luxury Caribbean cruise ship, look no further than Emerald Cruises' luxury yacht cruise.

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Luxury Caribbean cruise on the Emerald Cruises yacht

The Caribbean is an easily accessible and welcoming destination for tourists, especially Americans. Cruises are the best way to see multiple islands in one trip while hopping from one place to another enjoying the comfort that only a cruise can provide.

Depending on your Emerald Cruises itinerary, you'll cruise to places like St. Barths, Virgin Islands, St. Lucia and Martinique, to name just a few, in the lap of luxury.

Emerald Cruises has two luxury yachts cruising the Caribbean from November to March, with some outstanding yachts bringing ships from Europe on transatlantic voyages.

Emerald Azzurra and Emerald Sakara are top-of-the-line yachts with luxurious amenities, incredible food, dedicated crew and plenty of options to fit every traveler's winter vacation schedule.

Below, we describe the amazing features of luxury Caribbean cruises, highlighting places that can only be reached by yacht in this tropical area.

Emerald Cruises A luxury yacht experience

We have traveled on cruise ships of all sizes and we can tell you that nothing beats the experience of a yacht cruise with Emerald Cruises.

It's even better than chartering your own yacht because it's a fraction of the price! Plus, you don't have to spend time figuring out the logistics of getting from one place to another or hiring someone to show you around the island. They've already figured it out for you and give you just the right amount of options so you don't feel like you're missing out, but you're not overwhelmed with options.

Plus, as one person in a small group of guests on your yacht, you know you'll get the best of the best in crew and onboard service, and the best guides in hard-to-reach ports that are small. boats can come.

One of our favorite things about sailing on Emerald Cruises is the perfect balance between time in port and time at sea. You're never worried about staying on board instead of exploring the harbor because you're in port and sailing at optimal times. You can get the best of both worlds.

Quickly the factsAbout the Emerald Cruises Caribbean luxury cruise experience:

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  • 44 of the 50 cabins on the ship have balconies.
  • The yachts Emerald Sakara and Emerald Azzurra accommodate a maximum of 100 guests.
  • Transfers from the airport to and from the ship, port fees, and tips and gratuities are included with every cruise.
  • With a crew of 76, her guest to crew ratio is 2:1 to 1:1.
  • Free coffee and tea, 24/7.
  • Beer, wine and soft drinks are always included with lunch and dinner.
  • Free use of infrared sauna.
  • Hot tub and pool on board for your relaxation pleasure.
  • Wi-Fi on board is free.
  • Use of toys in the marina is free, including kayaks, paddle boards and SEABOBs.

Prices start at $4,535 per person for an 8-day Caribbean itinerary. Except,travel agentscan share details of current savings and great deals that will often save you money on your cruise fare.

We also recommend subscribing to the Emerald Cruises newsletter to keep up to date with current promotions. You will find the diary in the upper right corneryour home page.

Read more about our EXPERIENCE on the yacht Emerald Azzurra

Itinerary at luke Emerald Cruises Caribbean

All available Emerald Cruises Caribbean itineraries for 2023 and 2024 have been carefully selected to offer guests a truly unique vacation unlike anything they can experience on any other cruise line.

Emerald Cruises focuses on pristine ports less traveled mixed with must-sees to give guests a more authentic yet comprehensive understanding of what makes the Caribbean unique.

If you're a visual person like us, fill in your details in the registration area below orClick hereto enter your email information to access a printable spreadsheet of every Caribbean cruise offered by Emerald Cruises. A helpful PDF helps compare which itineraries stop at which ports to help you decide which one to book!

Caribbean Itinerary Options 11 or more days

If you're hoping to explore the Caribbean for more than eight days, check out Emerald Cruises' 15-day Discover the Caribbean Deeper itinerary. Stops only at island destinations in the Caribbean.

In addition, Emerald Cruises offers two outstanding options if you want a cruise that goes beyond the Caribbean. Both cruises are the only two sailing options to the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao):

  • The 11-day Southern Caribbean and Panama Canal Delights cruise connecting Southern Caribbean destinations with Panama and Colombia.
  • 19-day “Discover the Southern Caribbean and Central America” cruise connecting the Southern Caribbean with Central America, including Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica.

Emerald Cruises 8-Day Caribbean Itineraries

For your luxury Caribbean cruise, you can choose from six 8-day options:

  • British Virgin Islands and French Antilles
  • Island hopping in the West Indies
  • Adventure in the Grenadines and Grenada
  • Caribe Oriental con St. Barths
  • Eastern Caribbean and the Grenadines
  • The hidden charms of the Caribbean

⭐️ It is useful to understandNomenklatura activities Emerald Cruiseswhen you consider the amazing activities and excursions included in your luxury cruises. We describe it below.

Included tours and activities: EmeraldPLUS and EmeraldACTIVE

smaragdnoAKTIVNODesignate included optional excursions that allow guests to be more active while enjoying holistic wellness. These include programs such as walking and guided bike tours.

EsmeraldaPLUSpresents enriching experiences that highlight the culture of the destination, whether it's a theater performance in St. Vincent and the Grenadines that highlights the island's history or an exclusive farm tour in Antigua, where rare Antiguan black pineapples are grown.

Excursions with surcharge: Discover MORE

Discover moreTours are optional tours that allow guests to further immerse themselves in the destination's offer. Carefully selected adventures are subject to additional charges.

British Virgin Islands and French Antilles

This fascinating itinerary starts and ends in St. John's, Antigua. While Antigua is often visited by tourists, its sister island Barbuda is much less visited. Apart from arriving in Barbuda on a luxury yacht, the only way to get there is by small plane or the only ferry that goes there.

Luckily, you'll be going to Barbuda with Emerald Cruises!

The start of your trip begins with a stunning included excursion called Incredible Barbuda. On this exceptional tour, you'll visit a historic British fort with a 32-foot-tall defense tower before boarding a speedboat to reach the secluded Codrington Lagoon.

Here you will see the largest gathering of frigates in the whole world. More than 5,000 of these beautiful red-breasted birds nest here, as well as more than 170 species of birds.More than 100,000 birdscall this sanctuary home during the season.

What follows is an unforgettable vacation visiting the British Virgin Islands, St. Barths and St. Martin. Explore towns that most travelers never see and get the chance to take part in things like 4×4 buggy rides on the beach and a walk through the famous Baños del Parque Nacional, where the rocks along the coast form spectacular natural pools.

Trip plan


British Virgin Islands and French Antilles

  • 1. dan: St. John's, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
  • 2. dan: Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda
  • Day 3: Channel Islands, British Virgin Islands
  • Day 4: Jost van Dyke, British Virgin Islands
  • Day 5: Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
  • 6. and: Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy
  • Day 7: Marigot Bay, Saint Martin
  • 8. dan: St. John's, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

Not surprisingly:

Frigate Bird Sanctuary on Barbuda, a barbecue lunch on the beach with a live band at Jost van Dyke and a DiscoverMORE opportunity to create your own fragrance at The Perfumery on St. Martin.

Island hopping in the West Indies

Set sail from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and experience a new experience with Emerald Cruises during your luxury Caribbean cruise.

If you like to be active on vacation no matter what time it is, the DiscoverMORE Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tour on Vieques Island is worth every penny. This night tour will amaze and delight you as you take a magical guided kayak ride under the night sky and watch the water sparkle, thanks to science and Mother Nature.

Another exciting aspect of this cruise is learning about Saint Martin (or Sint Maarten), the smallest island in the world shared by two countries.

Trip plan

Island hopping in the West Indies

  • 1. and: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • 2nd dan: Culebra, otok Culebra, Puerto Rico
  • Day 3: Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
  • Day 4: Virgin Gorda, Gorda Sound, British Virgin Islands
  • 5. and: Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy
  • Day 6: Marigot Bay, Saint Martin
  • Day 7: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands
  • Dan 8: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Not surprisingly:

Included is a trip to Baths National Park on Virgin Gorda, DiscoverMORE kayaking in Bioluminescent Bay, and a historical tour of Soualiga that will give you an insight into how St. Martin operates under two nations.

Adventure in the Grenadines and Grenada

A trip between Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines focuses on an area of ​​the island with some of the best beaches in the tropics. So if you're dreaming of a water cruise that primarily goes to the Grenadines and Grenada, this is your Caribbean adventure.

The included Bequia tour starts from Port Elizabeth in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where you'll have countless opportunities to photograph the bay, model sailboats loved by the island's children, and colorful fishing boats. This is also a fantastic opportunity to photograph your luxury yacht from a distance on top of Mount Pleasant.

Although the area has a fascinating whaling history, today you can opt for a DiscoverMORE whale and dolphin watching tour to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural home. The trip takes you to areas where humpbacks, orcas and pilot whales play.

A whale and dolphin watching tour is a must if you've never seen a black sand beach but it's on your bucket list. It stops at a black sand beach where you can swim and enjoy a rum cocktail before returning to your luxury yacht. (From a dream!) Without Emerald Cruises, this secluded beach is difficult to reach; luckily, it is very easy to enjoy it with its guides.

If you are a certified diver, don't miss the opportunity to sign up for DiscoverMORE Carriacou Island Dive.

Trip plan

Adventure in the Grenadines and Grenada

  • 1. and: Bridgetown, Barbados
  • 2. dan: Tobago Cays, Sveti Vincent i Grenadini
  • 3. this: Port Elizabeth, otok Bequia, Sveti Vincent i Grenadini
  • 4. this: Otok Saint Vincent, Sveti Vincent i Grenadini
  • 5. this: Otok Union, Sveti Vincent i Grenadini
  • Day 6: Mayreau Island, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • 7. and: Carriacou muscle, Grenada
  • 8. and: Bridgetown, Barbados
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Not surprisingly:

BBQ lunch on the beach with a live band in Mayreau, including an EmeraldPLUS cultural theater performance, an EmeraldACTIVE guided walk on the recently active La Soufriere volcano on the island of Saint Vincent.

Luxury vacation on a Caribbean yacht cruise (3)

Caribe Oriental con St. Barths

This fantastic cruise starts in Barbados and ends in St. Martin or sails in the other direction, depending on the dates.

Although the title promotes its Eastern Caribbean ports, one of the best things about this cruise is that it also sails to islands in the Southern Caribbean, including St. Lucia, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

You can really feel the European influence in Saint-Pierre as you pass through the small town of Le Carbet where Christopher Columbus landed in 1502. You will also see the Sacré Cœur de Balata church, whose exterior is a replica of the Sacré Cœur Basilica in the Montmartre district of Paris.

If you love chocolate, be sure to sign up for the DiscoverMORE Tree to Bar Chocolate experience.

Trip plan

Caribe Oriental con St. Barths

  • 1. and: Bridgetown, Barbados
  • 2. dan: Tobago Cays, Sveti Vincent i Grenadini
  • Day 3: Soufriere, Saint Lucia
  • Dan 4: St. Peter, Martinik
  • 5. dan: Otoci Saintes, Guadeloupe
  • 6. dan: Falmouth Bay, Antigua and Barbuda
  • 7. and: Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy
  • Day 8: Marigot, Saint Martin

Not surprisingly:

Discover MORE The best of Martinique with a Creole lunch and a stop at a rum distillery and included Stairways to the Pitons Emerald ACTIVE trip through the famous mountains of St. Lucia.

Luxury vacation on a Caribbean yacht cruise (4)

Eastern Caribbean and the Grenadines

Like the Eastern Caribbean tour mentioned above, this option travels to the Eastern Caribbean islands, but it is a closed itinerary that starts and ends in St. John's, Antigua. It also goes to various places in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and other ports in Antigua and Barbuda.

You will have the opportunity to hike the famous Pitons in St. Lucia with the included EmeraldACTIVE tour or relax as they guide you around the island on The Essence of St. Lucia.
Blend nature and culture as you embark on an included scenic drive around the island of Bequia or opt for a DiscoverMORE Creole lunch in Martinique.

Trip plan

Eastern Caribbean and the Grenadines

  • 1. dan: St. John's, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
  • 2. and: st. Pierre, Martinique
  • 3. this: otok Bequia, Sveti Vincent i Grenadini
  • 4. dan: Tobago Cays, Sveti Vincent i Grenadini
  • Day 5: Mayreau Island, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Day 6: Soufriere, Saint Lucia
  • 7. dan: Terre-de-Haut, Saints Islands, Guadeloupe
  • 8. dan: St. John's, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

Not surprisingly:

Enjoy marina toys on a yacht while in the Tobago Keys Marine Park lagoon and an included beach barbeque with a live band on Mayreau Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Luxury vacation on a Caribbean yacht cruise (5)

The hidden charms of the Caribbean

This is one of our favorite itineraries that Emerald Cruises offers. It is the only choice among 8-day Caribbean cruises, including a stop in the US Virgin Islands.

The fun thing about this is that you can compare the British Virgin Islands to the US Virgin Islands after sailing, since you stop at both! This is the only option offered by Emerald Cruises that stops at Friars Beach in St. Kitts and Nevis, where you can sunbathe and play in the water or wander in search of mangroves and wildlife.

If you love history, look forward to the included Best of St. Kitts of Fairview Great House & Garden; stops at Brimstone Hill Fort and National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The impressive fortress is known as the Gibraltar of the West Indies. You will also see the oldest city in the Eastern Caribbean, Basseterre, with its French and British influences.

Suppose you want to enjoy the nature of that area. In that case, you can't miss diving from the deck of a yacht marina on Isla Culebra or an extraordinary nighttime kayaking experience in Bioluminescent Bay with DiscoverMORE.

Trip plan

The hidden charms of the Caribbean

  • 1. dan: St. John's, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
  • 2. dan: Friars Beach, Saint Kitts i Nevis
  • 3rd Dan: Gustavia, St. Barthélemy
  • Day 4: Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
  • 5th day: St. John, US Virgin Islands
  • 6. Dan: otok Vieques, Puerto Rico
  • 7th dan: Culebra, otok Culebra, Puerto Rico
  • Dan 8: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Not surprisingly:

Discover MORE Kayaking in bioluminescent bay, BBQ lunch with live band on Virgin Gorda included as part of EmeraldPLUS, Best of St. tour. Kitts where you will have an outstanding view of Friars Bay from the top of the road on the southeast peninsula.

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Luxury vacation on a Caribbean yacht cruise (6)

Book your luxury Caribbean cruise with Emerald Cruises

The only question that is difficult to answer is: Which Emerald Cruises Caribbean luxury cruise would you sign up for? The blue waters await your arrival, as well as the friendly crew of the Emerald Cruises yacht, ready to welcome you.

Luxury vacation on a Caribbean yacht cruise (7)

Ready to book your cruise or make an inquiry?

Use our favorite travel advisors, Bolds Travel, because…

  • They take the hassle out of planning your trip: The time you spend on the phone with the cruise line can be time you spend doing other things.
  • You don't pay them a penny: their service is free (this is because they are paid by the cruise line or destination).
  • Your experience:They have decades of experience and attention to detail.
Luxury vacation on a Caribbean yacht cruise (8)

Learn more >

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Luxury vacation on a Caribbean yacht cruise (9)

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Luxury vacation on a Caribbean yacht cruise (11)
Luxury vacation on a Caribbean yacht cruise (12)


How much is a luxury cruise on a yacht? ›

Therefore, yacht charters have a wide range of base prices. That's why charters can cost from $10,000 per week on smaller sailing yachts and catamarans, up to $150,000+ per week on the most luxurious motor superyachts.

Do luxury yachts appreciate in value? ›

Luxury yachts in particular often hold their value very well. It's not uncommon for luxury yachts to go up steeply in value, especially if they've been well kept and improved on. There's a fantastic market for used yachts, particularly in the luxury yacht charter Miami market.

How do I book a yacht vacation? ›

Booking in Five Easy Steps
  1. Choose a Yacht Charter Specialist. Find a specialist who makes you feel comfortable with the process and who willingly seeks your input. ...
  2. Select the Yacht and Destination. ...
  3. Fill Out Paperwork. ...
  4. Prepare to Travel. ...
  5. Enjoy your Vacation!

How much is the Ritz Carlton luxury cruise? ›

Ritz-Carlton's $6,400-a-week luxury superyacht cruise has finally set sail.

How much are the Ritz Carlton cruises? ›

Still, a trip with the Ritz doesn't come cheap. Caribbean voyages start at $5,100 per week per person, and Mediterranean voyages at $6,400 per person, according to CNN. For the hefty price, the brand is committed to offering an experience worth the ticket.

Can luxury yachts cross the ocean? ›

Though superyachts are mainly designed for pleasure, they also have the ability to cross oceans. From Hong Kong to Seattle and Melbourne to Tokyo, most superyachts can sail the seas with relative ease.

What is the US luxury tax on yachts? ›

Congress enacted a 10 percent luxury surcharge tax on boats over $100,000, cars over $30,000, aircraft over $250,000, and furs and jewelry over $10,000.

Why rich people love yacht? ›

They might even be in danger. Therefore, yachts offer a kind of peaceful oasis where the ultra wealthy can go to avoid the crowds. They offer a break from their high-profile public lives and allow them to retreat with a select few people they trust.

How much would a yacht trip cost? ›

Starting From ₹20,000/-
MumbaiWeekday PriceWeekend Price
7:00am to 2:00pm₹14000/hr₹16000/hr
2:00pm to 4:00pm₹18000/hr₹19000/hr
4:00pm to 8:00pm₹19000/hr₹20000/hr

Can you go anywhere on your yacht? ›

A sailing yacht will take you anywhere you want to go. With a capable skipper, a seaworthy, well-maintained yacht and the right sailing conditions, you can see the whole world.

Do you need a passport on a yacht? ›

Whether you intend to cruise international waters or not, who knows where your cruise will take you — you may want to change destinations along the way - passports are therefore required for everyone onboard, and copies will be kept by the Captain and crew throughout the duration of your charter.

Why are shoes not worn on yachts? ›

The barefoot rule for yachts and boats alike is an age-old practice made to keep the teak decks undamaged, and dirty soles away from the clean and sparkling floor. Commonly, shoes stay outside the cabin, and no shoes are worn on deck, also.

What is the barefoot rule on yachts? ›

The Barefoot Rule – When boarding the yacht, the first order of business is honoring the barefoot rule. It applies on most yachts, no shoes inside the cabin, and in many cases, no shoes on deck, either. If applicable, the crew will provide a basket at the gangway's end or at the main salon entrance for your shoes.

What do you wear on a yacht for a day? ›

Casual Occasions on a Yacht

Pants made out of madras, twill, corduroy, or cotton are all great for day trips out on the boat. You can pair them with deck driver shoes in a complementary shade. Make sure you also wear socks, while you're at it!

Which Royal Caribbean cruise is the most expensive? ›

Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas and the Oasis of the Seas were the most expensive cruise ships worldwide as of 2022.

What do luxury cruises include? ›

Its service oriented. Luxury cruises are typically smaller ships that carry less than 1,000 people and provide more intimate service. It offers exquisite dining, six-star service, and smaller vessels to reach the destinations that larger ships can't.

What's the average cost of a luxury cruise? ›

How much does a luxury cruise cost? Pricing on luxury cruises varies depending on factors like the time of year you're sailing and the region you're visiting. Expect to pay anywhere from $300 per person per night to $600 or more per person per night.

What is a good price for a 7 night cruise? ›

The price range for a 7-night cruise in the Caribbean will run between $400 - $4,000 on most lines in a balcony cabin. Keep in mind these cruise rates are an merely an estimate, and prices can vary wildly depending on the cabin type, time of year, how many people are in the room, and cabin location.

How much is the most expensive cruise ship ticket? ›

Seven Seas Explorer

Priced at approximately $1.3m, when this itinerary ran in 2019, it took the title of the world's most expensive cruise.

How many passengers does Ritz Carlton yacht have? ›

Restaurants and dining. Even though the yachts will only host up to 298 passengers at full capacity, there are several distinct dining venues — including S.E.A, designed by chef Sven Elverfeld of Aqua, the three-Michelin-starred restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg in Germany.

Are yachts safe in rough seas? ›

Bottom Line. Yachts can withstand severe weather conditions such as tropical storms and hurricanes. However, you should not test your luck by venturing out on the water during these incidents. Whenever feasible, it is always ideal to avoid any harsh weather in order to keep you, your yacht, and your crew safe from it.

Is it safe to cross the Atlantic in a yacht? ›

For comfort and safety, yachts crossing the ocean should be a minimum of 30ft. This size boat allows you to travel securely across the Atlantic Ocean. When yachts cross the ocean, it's important to have enough fuel, supplies and food for those on board, which means that the larger the boat, the better.

What is the best boat to go across the ocean? ›

Catamarans and trimarans can have multiple hulls and these styles can handle rough water and make the best boats for the ocean. If you plan to stay near the coast, flat-bottomed boats are great boats for shallow water. These types of boats don't fare as well on the ocean, especially if conditions get rough.

Can a yacht be a tax write off? ›

Under Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code, you can take a one-time expense deduction in the year of purchase equal to the purchase price of your yacht up to a maximum deduction of $500,000.

Can you write off a boat on taxes? ›

The boat tax write-off applies to recreational and commercial boats, allowing owners to deduct expenses such as maintenance, repairs, insurance premiums, and depreciation. However, certain limitations exist on the amount that can be deducted based on the type of boat and its use.

What luxury items are taxed? ›

Luxury tax refers to a form of indirect tax imposed on luxurious goods and services which are expensive in nature such as resort services, private jets, expensive cars, etc. Some goods or services are easily affordable for the wealthy and as such, many believe that they should have their fair share to pay in taxes.

Do private yacht owners tip their crew? ›

In general, brokers advise tipping between 5 to 20 per cent of the base charter fee, depending on the yacht and the location. It is usually towards the lower end of that scale in the Med and higher in the US and Caribbean. Tipping your crew is a customary practice at the end of a superyacht charter.

What is the average wealth of yacht owner? ›

Yachts owners are older – 48.7 percent are between 50 and 70, but a full 43.4 percent are over 70. They also are richer, with an average net worth of $510 million.

Do luxury yacht crew get paid? ›

The chief steward is responsible for hiring, training, and supervising all crew members in the interior department. They will set up work schedules, determine pay scales and enforce penalties if they are not followed. Typical salaries go from $4,800 to $8,800 monthly.

Why are yachts limited to 12 guests? ›

The reason lays in regulation. Once a vessel carries more than 12 passengers, even if it is being used as a private yacht, it is considered to be a passenger ship and has to comply with the SOLAS convention (Safety of Life at Sea) set out by the IMO (International Maritime Organization).

Is a yacht more expensive than a cruise ship? ›

Pros & Cons of Yacht Charters

Higher Cost – Chartering is typically far more expensive than reserving a cabin in a cruise ship. While bareboat charters can cost a couple thousand dollars per week, private crewed yacht charters generally start around $10,000 per week.

How much is a 4 day charter on below deck? ›

How much does it cost to charter a yacht from Below Deck? The cheaper yachts from Below Deck can be chartered for $140,000 a week. The most expensive ones have charter costs close to $300,000 per week.

Can a yacht be seized in international waters? ›

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) prohibits countries from interfering with ships on the high seas (defined as international waters farther than 200 nautical miles from shore, where no government has jurisdiction over any activity).

Do you go through customs on a boat? ›

If your boat has anchored or tied up, you are considered to have entered the United States. No one shall board or leave the boat without first completing customs processing, unless permission to do so is granted by the CBP Officer in charge. The only exception to this requirement is to report arrival.

Where do yachts go when not in use? ›

Marina Slips – Many marinas offer multiple boat storage options. Wet slips at marinas are typically the least expensive option as the boat simply sits in the water at the marina. Lift slips are also typically available and give the boat owner the option to have the boat out of the water.

Can you bring alcohol on a yacht? ›

Boats are allowed to have open alcohol containers on board here in the United States. Passengers on a boat are allowed to consume alcohol, however it is illegal for the boat operator to have a . 08 blood/alcohol level or higher. If you're located in Canada, the laws on alcohol are very different for boats.

Can I get off the boat in Bahamas without a passport? ›

Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements

U.S. citizens are generally required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to The Bahamas, as well as proof of anticipated departure from The Bahamas. Those traveling to The Bahamas on a cruise may use another Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document.

Can I sail on Royal Caribbean without a passport? ›

A valid passport is required; visas are required where they apply. This includes Europe, Asia, Central and South America. For additional passport information, visit Royal Caribbean International strongly recommends that all guests travel with a valid passport during their cruise.

Do yacht crew sleep with guests? ›

Most crew members sleep in cabins, sharing their space with complete strangers, which means privacy is severely lacking. Most yacht crew must share bathrooms which can get interesting at the best of times!

What is the dress code for a yacht? ›

Leaning into the boat aspect is a better option. A suit would be as formal as you should expect unless told something ultra formal like a tuxedo is expected. But most yacht parties are likely to be a little more casual than that. Consider dress pants and a button down shirt or a blazer.

Can I wear black to a yacht? ›


Attempt to abstain from wearing incredibly dark colors on a brilliant radiant day at a Yacht, however you could carry 1-2 pieces in black color for your special date night or a dance party in the evening.

What is the Golden Rule yacht? ›

Golden Rule is the first boat to engage in environmental direct action in the world. It is currently operated by Veterans for Peace.
Golden Rule (ship)
General characteristics
Length30 ft at waterline
Beam12 ft
Draught5 ft
Sail planfore-and-aft gaff rig ketch
13 more rows

What is the 12 person yacht rule? ›

Consequently, many yacht owners decide to keep the maximum number of guests onboard to 12 (plus crew) for chartering. This means, for example, that an 80-meter yacht with 8 staterooms may well have the ability to sleep 16 guests while in private use, but on a commercial charter is only allowed to sleep 12 guests.

Can you wear sneakers on a yacht? ›

The majority of yachts do not allow the wearing of shoes on board. And there are reasons for that. Street shoes, such as boots and heeled shoes, are prohibited on all boats as they can damage decks and floors and contaminate carpets and other exotic decorations.

How do you shower on a yacht? ›

Limited space for washing

For the shower, you have to make do with a sea bath or a showerhead in the cockpit. But in some sailboats, there is a shower in the toilet and a sink. The luckiest sailors or motor yachtswomen will have separate toilets, the luxury!

How do you sleep on a yacht? ›

Tips For Sleeping On A Boat Overnight
  1. Think of it as a Camping Trip, and Plan Accordingly. Overall, you should think of sleeping on your boat as a camping trip and plan as such. ...
  2. Find a Cozy Cove. ...
  3. Anchor Properly. ...
  4. Prepare Your Food in Advance. ...
  5. Pack for Cool Overnight Temperatures. ...
  6. Emphasize Safe Alcohol Consumption.

Is it hard to sleep on a yacht? ›

Under normal conditions you may find it difficult to sleep due to the unsteadiness of waves, lack of ambient noise or even because of the boat creaking in the waves. Yachting Monthly suggests sleeping three hours at a time by taking shifts with someone else.

How much does a luxury cruise cost? ›

How much does a luxury cruise cost? Pricing on luxury cruises varies depending on factors like the time of year you're sailing and the region you're visiting. Expect to pay anywhere from $300 per person per night to $600 or more per person per night.

What is the price of a luxury cruise? ›

The 51-day luxury journey covering five Indian states, and Bangladesh will cost Rs 50-55 lakh per passenger. However, one will have to wait for more than a year to get a suite in the luxury ship which will cruise across 17 river systems as it is fully booked till March 2024.

How much is it to go on a luxury cruise? ›

World cruises start from around $10,000 per person and can cost as much as $300,000 per person if you choose the best suite on the most luxurious cruise line. Expect to pay around $15,000 to $25,000 on a mainstream cruise line, and between $60,000 and $100,000 on a luxury cruise line, on average.

What is the most expensive cruise vacation? ›

This Luxurious 132-night World Cruise Costs $73,000 a Ticket — and It Sold Out Within 3 Hours. "This outstanding response has surpassed all expectations and is without a doubt our strongest world cruise launch day ever," Regent Seven Seas Cruises' CEO said.

How much money should I bring on a 7 day cruise? ›

As a general rule, plan to have $50 to $100 each day in the local currency. Also, you may want to bring an extra $20 a day for tipping crew members. Make sure to include smaller bills for tips. Fifty to a hundred dollars a day should be enough to cover small purchases, tips and snacks at each port.

What is Royal Caribbean luxury cruise line? ›

The 'jewel in the crown' of the Royal Caribbean Group, Silversea Cruises is the leading ultra-luxury and expedition cruise line—acclaimed for both its all-inclusive lifestyle offering and its global destination portfolio.

What is the largest luxury cruise in the world? ›

As of 2023, Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world. Launched in 2022, the Oasis-class vessel can accommodate up to 7,084 guests in 2,867 staterooms and carries as many as 2,204 crew members. While you may get lost on this ship, you'll never be bored.

Do guests pay on Below Deck? ›

1. Guests pay for the charter. The charter guests you see on the show are genuine charter guests. They pay their own money to secure a space within the six weeks of filming time each season.

How much does a night on Below Deck yacht cost? ›

Hiring a yacht from Below Deck isn't cheap. The majority cost in the neighborhood of $150,000 per week. Yet, that charter rate doesn't include expenses, including fuel, dockage fees, and taxes. Yet, for that price, you'll get a truly world-class experience.

Do guests get a discount on Below Deck? ›

Guests really do pay for their charter.

"They spend their real money to be on the show," executive producer Mark Cronin told Bravo TV. But since it may not be the most relaxing trip, guests that are featured on the reality show get a 50% discount on their charter.

How do you not spend a lot of money on a cruise? ›

10 Easy Ways Not to Waste Money on a Cruise
  1. Drink Packages. Most cruise lines offer per-day pricing on drink packages, either for soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages or for all types of alcoholic drinks. ...
  2. Specialty Dining. ...
  3. Fitness Classes. ...
  4. Connection Fees. ...
  5. Professional Photos. ...
  6. Souvenirs. ...
  7. Tours With Meals. ...
  8. Shopping Tours.

Are cruises cheaper than hotels? ›

Generally, the base cruise fare will be cheaper when comparing similar vacations. The amount of extra purchases you make for tours, drinks, spa treatments and other extras will really determine whether a cruise or resort is the better deal for you. When you do these calculations, don't forget to include airfare.

How much does a cruise ship captain make? ›

How much does a cruise ship captain make? While there's no explicit salary data for a cruise ship captain, the average annual salary for a captain is $92,125 per year . These salaries can vary for several reasons, such as a captain's work experience, their certifications, licensure, employer and other accreditations.


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