Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here! (2023)

Tracking systems based on advanced GPS technology provide solutions to various challenges that transportation companies face to achieve greater efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction. Highly effective technology can track and assess vehicle location, movement and driving performance. A tracking system using GPS technology is becoming popular in commercial vehicle and trucking services. GPS fleet tracking systems allow transport companies to know the real-time location of their goods and equipment, analyze routes and control driving performance. It provides many benefits by helping managers make informed decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information.

Here in this article we will discuss the 8 best GPS truck trackers in 2022.

GPS fleet tracking systems in trucking operations can help reduce costs, manage vehicle maintenance, monitor resources, and maintain safety and compliance. Effective fleet management with GPS tracking ensures vehicle control with reduced risk, better utilization and required compliance.

Implementing a GPS tracking system in vehicles has the valuable purpose of improving fleet efficiency, improving profitability and providing better customer service. In this article, we will provide you with relevant information about GPS tracker features to help you invest in a reliable, feature-rich GPS tracker that best suits your requirements.


GPS trackers for small businesses

Safety and cost are considered the most important factors in fleet operation. Trucks have to drive in remote areas, so tracking and management becomes essential, allowing managers to better plan routes while maintaining control.Working hours for drivers.GPS tracking systems allow fleet managers to update data on driver performance, real-time location details, vehicle maintenance requirements and fuel consumption.

A smaller fleet of trucks, cars or coaches supports GPS tracking devices to meet the need for discretionary monitoring, ensure safety and compliance and optimize costs. The tracking system also helps drivers follow ways to avoid potential hazards.

The GPS tracking system helps identify the most suitable routes for vehicles that save time and fuel by avoiding traffic jams and distractions. GPS tracking devices with practical features provide relevant data inputs that guide managers to make timely decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.

A practical fleet management application that uses GPS tools can help keep logistics more streamlined and operating costs minimized. A GPS tracking system provides enough data for business analysis and ensures profitability.

Advantages of GPS tracking in fleet management

GPS tracking systems have come a long way in helping truck drivers meet their business needs and customer demands. This technology provides insight into many aspects of vehicle operation and creates solutions.

GPS technology can help fleet companies achieve goals such as improving efficiency, better asset utilization, avoiding delays and directing resources toward profitability.

We've compiled a list of the 9 best real-time fleet tracking GPS devices for fleet owners. Readhere

The advantages of GPS tracking devices that can have a positive impact on fleet operations are as follows:

Cost savings

GPS tracking solutions provide accurate and timely vehicle location status information that helps managers optimize routes to avoid delays and save fuel. GPS tracking systems can monitor fuel consumption and prepare mileage reports that guide managers in controlling inefficient driving behavior or addressing maintenance needs. This would improve fuel efficiency, leading to cost savings.

Effective asset tracking

Monitoring capabilities allow business owners to monitor driving performance by receiving alerts on unnecessary or wasteful activities. Configuring virtual borders or geofences will allow administrators to control movement within a specific zone.

GPS tracker in the vehicle reduces the possibility of theft or unauthorized use. Managers can notify drivers to take appropriate steps to comply with safety regulations and consequently improve driving patterns.

Improve security and compliance

A GPS monitoring system allows the manager to monitor and control unsafe driving practices, keep records necessary for compliance and encourage drivers to follow safety regulations to avoid violations or accidents.

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best customer service

GPS tool tracking features ultimately help improve operational efficiency and provide better customer service. A GPS tracking system allows fleet management companies to access relevant information about the status and location of shipments and consequently identify the most suitable routes for vehicles, saving time.

Increase reliability

Robust software support integrated with efficient hardware devices provides quick and easy access to information that helps make better decisions. Easy-to-install devices supported by easy-to-use software enable fleet operators to streamline their operations, improving business profitability and reliability.

Features to consider for GPS truck trackers

Various companies have introduced GPS-based devices and software solutions with different functions. You should evaluate multiple GPS tracker installations to determine which one best suits your requirements. The features you must consider before choosing a GPS tracking device for your trucks are listed below:

  • You should consider basic tracking features, including better signal coverage, to get real-time tracking support anywhere.
  • Installing geofences is crucial because you may need to track movements between regions and borders.
  • Extended battery backup is a key feature of GPS trackers that provides practical and reliable support for long-term use.
  • You should look for monitoring tools that can send real-time alerts and notifications and have dedicated SOS features to help you take immediate action in an emergency.
  • Ease of installation, user support for applications and ongoing technical support are the main deciding factors when choosing.
  • The device must be robust, compact and weatherproof to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The best GPS trackers for trucks

A proper and customized GPS tracking system allows fleet managers to obtain real-time locations and movements of their vehicles at any time through electronic devices. A GPS tracking system plays a key role, especially in companies with small fleets, enabling managers to plan proper routes, manage driving performance and optimize resources that affect overall costs and efficiency.

We'll review the features and capabilities of eight of the best GPS tracking devices that help trucking companies keep better control of operations, productivity, and costs.


Matrack OBD fleet tracking device

Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here! (1)

Matrack offers a wide range of GPS tracking tools, from wired systems to simple plug-in devices, providing effective tracking solutions. The plugin variant has easy installation and operational features. It is one of the best GPS trackers with aggressive tracking and alert features.

You can get real-time updates via SMS notifications or email alerts. This tracking device allows you to monitor the condition of the vehicle through diagnostic data. Its rugged, weather-resistant frame allows for versatile use without fail, and its compact design makes it easy to transport. The long-lasting auxiliary battery makes the device more reliable.

main features

  • Aggressive tracking to protect against theft
  • Geofencing support
  • low battery warning
  • Offers roadside assistance
  • one year warranty

Matrack offers an efficient, simple and robust software platform for monitoring vehicles and valuable assets. Guide fleet managers and drivers with accurate reports to make actionable decisions to improve productivity, safety and customer service.


Family1st OBD tracker

Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here! (2)

Family1st provides all the necessary features related to real-time vehicle monitoring and tracking, along with geo-fencing support to more closely monitor and control truck movements within certain limits.

This device provides engine diagnostic data to help you make proactive decisions and address maintenance needs to improve vehicle performance. It also has features to keep historical reports focused on previous year data for reference. This tracking device tracks unsafe driving behaviors and provides details about driver safety to fleet managers.

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main features

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Supports targeted email and SMS updates
  • It helps manage driver performance through real-time monitoring
  • Subscription-based setup
  • Technical Support


optimally 2.0

Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here! (3)

It comes with real-time vehicle tracking solutions and helps managers track route, speed and mileage details. It is the best option for truck drivers who travel on defined routes and transport non-essential items. This device comes with a 12-day battery backup and offers synchronization with specialized apps to track driving metrics and ensure better control and safety.

main features

  • Elegant and compact design
  • decent battery life
  • It offers an SOS function
  • customized notifications
  • Advanced software support


TierraAire Mar 54

Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here! (4)

It suits customers looking for a rugged and durable GPS tracker. It is waterproof and resistant to various weather conditions. The device offers geofencing features that help you track the movement of trucks within and outside certain regions. It supports historical log data and provides reports to help make informed decisions. A long-lasting battery of one month makes it a reliable device.

main features

  • durable structure
  • Waterproof
  • Email alert for support
  • Compatible with Google Maps
  • The possibility of pairing a SIM card


Aspenta Vectu

Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here! (5)

This device is the most preferred option if you are looking for a compact portable GPS tracker. An advanced feature of this device is to connect with other vehicles up to a distance of 16 feet. This extended range with real-time warning and tracking features makes this device an effective solution for trucks with limited space.

main features

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  • malen i prevojsiv
  • Application-based support
  • Compatibility with different operating systems
  • SMS notifications
  • Wider coverage


Geotab G07

Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here! (6)

Geotab G07 has certain features that allow you to monitor unsafe driving behavior and wasteful practices like idling, speeding, not wearing seat belt etc. This GPS tracker helps managers track the whereabouts of drivers along with monitoring productivity and efficiency parameters. Geotab G07 is one of the most reliable fleet tracking tools that ensures safety practices and avoids unwanted accidents. It also allows managers to send warning signs to drivers to prevent DOT violations.

main features

  • Effective geofencing installations
  • Best for solving regulatory problems
  • It works best with its own fleet management system
  • comprehensive monitoring
  • It informs about the use of the seat belt


Amcrest Tracker

Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here! (7)

This tracker provides exceptional tracking capabilities, real-time alerts and the most reliable geofencing support. This tracking device offers several advantages and is one of the best solutions for tracking cars, trucks and commercial vehicles. A consistent 14-day battery life is a significant bonus, along with 4G LTE connectivity and a portable design. It also provides easy access to the web interface to configure updates in less than five seconds.

main features

  • Excellent battery backup
  • Supports smart alerts
  • Real-time monitoring with geofencing alerts


Americaloc GL300

Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here! (8)

This GPS tracker can track multiple movements and collect data for analytics to help make actionable decisions. This device stores vehicle data for one year. The device generates quick alerts to inform you about various metrics related to driving, such as speed, movement or hours of inactivity.

An added benefit is the SOS indication function that helps managers take immediate action in an emergency. Associated application support provides valuable insight into vehicle and driving performance, enabling managers to make informed decisions.s.

main features

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  • Keep history for one year.
  • CAT M1 low consumption technology
  • SOS support
  • Easy-to-use companion app


The adaptation of GPS technology as an integral part of the fleet management system is intended to save fuel costs, improve driving performance and provide better customer service. It also helps improve resource utilization, improve fleet productivity and maintain safety standards. A GPS tracking system provides various inputs and timely information to help take proactive steps to achieve better efficiency and asset utilization.

Monitoring vehicle diagnostics and driving maintenance needs help improve cost parameters and reliability. Different features of GPS trackers meet different needs of customers. Smaller fleets prefer portable GPS trackers that are easy to install and provide 24-hour monitoring support to managers. You should also track mileage, fuel consumption, idle time, speed and other aspects of truck movement, helping to optimize costs and improve productivity.

You can find various options to meet your requirements for a small and portable tracking device with effective tracking features and other basic functions. Compliance with the ELD rule has become necessary with HOS records and other aspects of safety, especially to reduce accidents and avoid violations. An effective GPS tracking system provides better control over vehicle operation with greater efficiency and less risk.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why do I need a GPS tracker for my truck?

A: GPS truck trackers can help fleet managers streamline their operations, reduce fuel costs, increase efficiency and improve overall safety. It can also help protect your property from theft and recover stolen vehicles.

Q: How does a GPS truck tracker work?

A: A GPS truck tracker works by using satellite signals to determine a truck's location, speed, and direction. The information is then transmitted to a central server where fleet managers can access it via a web application or mobile application.

Q: What features should I look for when choosing a GPS tracker for my truck?

A: When choosing a GPS tracker for your truck, you should look for features such as real-time tracking, geofencing, alerts and notifications, remote monitoring, and driver behavior analysis.

Q: How do I install a GPS tracker on my truck?

A: The procedure for installing a GPS tracking device on a truck may vary depending on the device and the make and model of the truck. However, many devices come with instructions and can be installed by a professional installer or DIY expert.

Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here! (9)

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James Johnson is a former truck driver who now works as a writer specializing in the transportation industry. With over 15 years of on-the-road experience, James has a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing truckers and the trucking industry in general. His writing focuses on topics such as security, regulation and the latest industry trends. His work has been featured in various trucking publications and has been recognized for his contributions to the industry. In his spare time, James still enjoys truck driving and frequents truck shows and other industry events.


Find the 8 Best GPS Truck Trackers in 2022 Here!? ›

Best engine shut off devices with remote vehicle disabling systems-TK121. TK121 is the best car shut off gps tracking devices from Eelink,it has remote vehicle disabling systems to make remote engine shut off easily. The TK121 is mainly used in cars, and can control engine shut off remotely due to the relay function.

Which GPS tracker has the best engine shut off? ›

Best engine shut off devices with remote vehicle disabling systems-TK121. TK121 is the best car shut off gps tracking devices from Eelink,it has remote vehicle disabling systems to make remote engine shut off easily. The TK121 is mainly used in cars, and can control engine shut off remotely due to the relay function.

What is the highest range GPS tracker? ›

5 Best Long-Range GPS Trackers
  • LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker. (Fleet manager with a digital tablet) ...
  • Tracki Mini GPS Tracker. (GPS tracking map on a device screen) ...
  • Vyncs GPS Tracker. ...
  • Bouncie – GPS Car Tracker [4G LTE] ...
  • PrimeTracking Pro GPS Tracker. ...
  • Real-Time Location Tracking. ...
  • Rechargeable Batteries. ...
  • Customizable Alerts.
Feb 7, 2023

Where can I hide a tracker on my truck? ›

The Best Places To Hide a GPS Tracker in Your Car
  1. Inside a Door Panel. Most thieves never think to take off the door panels and look for GPS devices. ...
  2. On the Undercarriage. ...
  3. The OBD-II Port. ...
  4. Inside a Brake Light. ...
  5. Inside a Seat Cushion.
Aug 3, 2022

Can thieves disable GPS tracker? ›

Whilst it can be disconcerting to think of your vehicle being stolen, it's worth noting that most thieves won't try and block the signal. If they do manage to steal it, they will often keep it secured somewhere for 2-3 days to see if it's detected by the authorities and if not, they'll assume there's no tracker anyway.

Do trackers work when engine is off? ›

Yes, GPS can work when your car is off.

Can a cell phone detect a GPS tracker? ›

Is there an app that can detect a GPS tracker? Yes, there are many apps that can detect if a GPS tracker has been installed on your cell phone. If you have an Android phone you can download Certo Mobile Security for free from the Play Store and quickly scan your phone for GPS tracking apps and other malware.

What is the range of GPS tracker? ›

Typically, the information provided by GPS trackers is accurate to within three meters. However, any obstruction on the line of sight between the device and the sky can affect the accuracy of the location data it transmits, such as tall buildings, bridges, tunnels, or dense forests.

Do GPS trackers show the exact location? ›

Once installed, your GPS tracker will bounce information collected from the vehicle between satellites, computers, and receivers, to determine the vehicle's exact, real-time location. Other information that may be collected includes: Engine time. Geofencing status.

What can block a GPS tracker? ›

So can a GPS tracker be blocked? Yes, the GPS signals can be blocked by wet trees, aluminum foil, plastic containers, or even a tin box filled with thick materials can block GPS signals.

How long can a GPS tracker last? ›

How long can a GPS tracker battery last? The battery life of the GPS tracker varies from one to another. But on average, a GPS device can also last up to 6-12 months without active tracking.

What is the smallest ever GPS tracker? ›

Answer: The smallest GPS tracker on the market is the Mirco Hornet. The tiny GPS tracker developed by Origin GPS weighs only 2.5 gm.

Do GPS trackers work everywhere? ›

Satellite-based GPS tracking units will operate anywhere on the globe using satellite technology such as GlobalStar or Iridium.

How do I block hidden trackers? ›

Here are top 11 ways to stop being tracked online.
  1. Use an anti-tracking browser. ...
  2. Use Tor Browser. ...
  3. Use an anti-tracking extension in your preferred browser. ...
  4. Use a private search engine. ...
  5. Clear private data when closing your browser. ...
  6. Use a VPN. ...
  7. Set your devices to “do not track” ...
  8. Stay private when it comes to public WiFis.

How do I block someone from tracking me? ›

The best way to block phone tracking is to use a VPN. But you can also change a few settings on your phone or switch to a different browser to stop tracking. You can hide your location via settings, block ad tracking with a dedicated private browser, and encrypt all of your internet traffic with a VPN.

Are vehicle trackers worth it? ›

Adding a GPS tracker to your car helps improve the security of your car. This is because the car tracker should be able to notify you of its location, which helps you get your car back if it's stolen.

Will the police look for a tracker on my car? ›

In 2012, the Supreme Court gave law enforcement agencies the authority to place G.P.S. tracking devices on an individual's vehicle without the individual's knowledge or consent. The only stipulation is that law enforcement must first obtain a search warrant.

How long do vehicle trackers last? ›

LONG-LASTING 20,000 mAh BATTERY – Unlike other tracking devices, our Gps for vehicles is equipped with a high-powered lithium-ion battery that lasts 2 months with average daily driving.

Can you put a GPS tracker on a car without them knowing? ›

It is an offense for a person to knowingly install, conceal, or otherwise place or use an electronic tracking device in or on a motor vehicle without the consent of the operator and all occupants of the vehicle for the purpose of monitoring or following the operator, occupant, or occupants of the vehicle.

What do I dial to see if my phone is being monitored? ›

Code to check if phone is tapped: *#21# Code to show unknown connections and tracking (for Android): *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#197328640#*#* Code to show unknown connections and if someone is tracing you (for iPhone): *3001#12345#*

Can you GPS someone without them knowing? ›

With Cocospy, you get a phone tracking app that will track an Android or iOS device without the knowledge of the device owner. Cocospy is able to do so because of its powerful stealth mode, which lends you 100% invisibility to snoop in and track cell phone activity without suspicion.

How do you tell if your car is being tracked? ›

How to Tell if Your Car is Bugged?
  5. LOOK FOR WIRES. ...
Jan 6, 2023

What is the difference between GPS and GPS tracker? ›

The GPS navigation will navigate you to your desired point. No matter where you live on the globe, GPS navigation will work. If you want to reach a destination but you don't know how to get there then GPS navigation can take you to your destination. The GPS tracker will simply track your current location or movements.

What is the difference between a Bluetooth tracker and a GPS tracker? ›

GPS trackers allow you to set up multiple areas where you receive a notification about your tracker's activity. Bluetooth trackers are limited to tracking when you're in range of the Bluetooth signal.

Can you track a car through Bluetooth? ›

Can you Track a Car with Bluetooth. Yes, but you would need a bluetooth tracking device in the car and people with special apps installed on their phone. Bluetooth does not have much range. However, you can use a WiFi GPS Tracker, like Trakkit to track your car.

Can a GPS tracker be wrong? ›

It depends. GPS satellites broadcast their signals in space with a certain accuracy, but what you receive depends on additional factors, including satellite geometry, signal blockage, atmospheric conditions, and receiver design features/quality.

Does aluminum foil block GPS tracking? ›

Any electrically conductive metal will reflect and absorb the device's incoming and outgoing signals and interfere with its operation. Wrapping a GPS tracker in aluminum foil is enough to do the job—although copper and even silver work as well. This is an incredibly cheap and easy method of GPS jamming.

Can a GPS tracker be hacked? ›

GPS trackers are significantly less vulnerable to hacking than, for example, smartphones or laptops. As GPS trackers' sole function is to process information emitted from GPS satellites, there is no outbound signal to be hacked, no phone call which can be infiltrated, or IP address that can be followed.

What does a truck tracking device look like? ›

It will typically look like a small box with a magnetic side. It may or may not have an antenna or a light on it. It will be small, usually three to four inches long, two inches wide and an inch or so thick. Be sure you have a flashlight for peeking into dark spaces in your car.

How much does it cost to get a truck tracker? ›

Vehicle tracking costs can vary greatly depending on your needs, with basic options starting at around $13 per vehicle, per month, while the feature-rich trackers cost upwards of $35 per vehicle, per month.

Is it illegal to remove GPS tracker from a financed car? ›

Other Laws Governing GPS Removals

If a car is used as collateral for a loan, creditors may use a GPS to record the car's movement — but the borrower must agree to its attachment. If you have given a lender permission to attach a GPS by signing your name on a legal document, removal could mean losing the car.

Can you remove a dealership tracker? ›

If you want to remove a hardwired GPS tracker from a car, the best option is to ask your local auto repair mechanic to help you out. They will ensure that the tracker is uninstalled properly and is viable for further use.

How do I find hidden GPS? ›

If you don't notice anything that obvious, use your flashlight and mirror to check under the seats, under and behind the dash, inside and behind the glove compartment, and in the center console. Trackers can also be hidden in seat pockets, between seats, behind sun visors, and elsewhere.

Can a car tracker switch off the car? ›

Once you receive the alert message you can take the appropriate action to secure your car including disabling it. A GPS car tracker like the fleetminder FM Lite model provides remote disabling functionality and can even lock doors and sound the alarm.

Can a GPS tracker stop a car? ›

It can help the police find your car to be returned to you. However, a GPS tracker won't stop your car from being stolen in the first place. That's why it's important to have a good anti-theft system in place as well. This way, you can deter thieves and make it more likely that your car will be returned to you.

How do you turn off a car with a tracker? ›

Click on commands to access commands options. Then click on stop engine. enter your password and click OK. The vehicle will now switch off.

Is it possible to remotely disable a car? ›

In essence, remote disabling allows a car owner, a dispatcher or other authorised personnel safely to decelerate a stolen vehicle by gradually limiting a fuel supply to the engine from a remote location.

Can aluminum foil block GPS? ›

Any electrically conductive metal will reflect and absorb the device's incoming and outgoing signals and interfere with its operation. Wrapping a GPS tracker in aluminum foil is enough to do the job—although copper and even silver work as well. This is an incredibly cheap and easy method of GPS jamming.

How long does a GPS tracker last on a car? ›

Usually 3 days – 6 months. Untethered gps– This device uses a battery for its complete power source. Depending on the type of battery will determine how long it will last. Typically from 6 months to 7 years battery life.

What are the disadvantages of car tracker? ›

Disadvantages of GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  • Location Inaccuracy & Drifting. GPS receivers rely on signals from at least four satellites. ...
  • Poor Signal & Battery Life Concerns. ...
  • Incorrect Routes. ...
  • Unhappy Employees. ...
  • Distracted Driving. ...
  • Privacy & Data Concerns. ...
  • Over Dependency. ...
  • Why is my GPS tracker offline?
Feb 27, 2019

Can you tell if a car has a tracker? ›

Places to check include under the seats, in the rear pockets of the front seats (if they have them), in or behind the glove box. It might sound like looking for a piece of hay in a stack full of needles, but remember you're looking for a suspicious looking box, often with wires coming out of it.

Is there a way to tell if there is a tracker on your car? ›

One way to find a GPS tracker is to use a bug detector that can scan both the inside and outside of a vehicle. It is also possible to physically detect a GPS tracker in known locations, such as in the OBD port, under the backseat or underneath the car.

How do I find and remove a GPS tracker from my car? ›

If you want to remove a hardwired GPS tracker from a car, the best option is to ask your local auto repair mechanic to help you out. They will ensure that the tracker is uninstalled properly and is viable for further use.

What happens if you remove GPS tracker on your car? ›

A car tracker allows the lender to recovery the vehicle easily. However, if a customer does remove the GPS tracking unit, a tamper alert will be sent. This means it's been removed from the vehicle. Since it does have a backup battery, the device will continue to track.

Can you immobilize a car remotely? ›

Remote Vehicle Immobilization allows users to remotely disable a vehicle's ignition in the case of theft or unauthorized use, offering vital security benefits: Act immediately to stop a stolen a vehicle in its tracks. Improve Stolen Vehicle Recovery Rates.

Can police remote unlock your car? ›

The only time the police can unlock your car door is in the case of an emergency as roadside assistance. Example: a child stuck inside or if a person is inside without any means to get out. However, the police won't unlock a car more often than not, and that's the negative response you will hear all the time.


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