Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (2023)

Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (1)

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Deep in the southern partCaribbeanOff the coast of Venezuela are the ABC Islands, consisting of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. These three islands are also part of the Dutch Caribbean and are island territoriesNetherlandsThat's why my Dutch husband wanted to come here. We only managed to get to 2 out of 3, but the debate was on: Aruba vs Curacao.

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The two islands look close on the map, but there are no ferries between the islands and the ocean is too rough for smaller boats. The only way to get between Aruba andcuracaois to fly or visit both islands as part of a cruise. Flights fromArubait's a short 35 minutes to Curacao, so if you have time to visit both islands in one trip, definitely do it. But if you only have a few days, I'd choose one or the other so you don't waste time on transportation.

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At first glance, one would sayArubagcuracaoit would be quite similar as they are both island diving destinations, have beautiful beaches and are Dutch. And in that sense they are similar, but these two islands also have some rather noticeable differences.

Aruba vs. Curacao

So which island is better, Aruba or Curacao? My husband and I had this discussion for several days. Both islands have their advantages and disadvantages, so we will break them down.

How to get there: tie

Aruba and Curaçao are easily accessible islands with direct flights to both Dutch Caribbean islands from South Florida. Flight costs are about the same, and flights to each of them take about 3 hours. For Aruba you will fly into Queen Beatrix International Airport and for Curacao you will fly into Curacao International Airport (Hato).

Move: Aruba wins

Both islands are a decent size and renting a car is 100% necessary as taxis are expensive (although regulated). Also, if you don't know how much your taxi is supposed to cost according to the regulations, you're likely to get ripped off.

Aruba is easy to navigate using a map and after a bit of driving, you'll find your way. It's also a smaller island, so it's much easier to head out and explore it thoroughly on your own. However, you will need a 4×4 if you want to tour the ENTIRE island, as most of the island is rocky/sandy national park terrain.

Curacao, on the other hand, is a real train wreck in a maze of one-way streets. It's a must to have someone on Google Maps giving you the route at all times, and even then one way streets will appear and you'll find yourself thrown onto a roundabout with no way to get back to where you need to be because there are so many one way roads. Truth be told, that mostly describes the capital. Once you get out of the city, it's a breeze. But entering the main part of the capital is an adventure if you are not familiar with it.

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Affordability: Curaçao wins

This is up for debate, but we found out that Aruba is more expensive than Curacao. Almost every restaurant we found downtown was at least $20 per person, usually more. Any taxi from the airport to the hotel or region was around $28 (again, they are regulated but expensive if you're not going to the capital and we definitely got ripped off with the first one). Mini markets in Aruba are VERY expensive. Stop in for a few beers and a bag of chips and you'll end up spending $25.

We stayed a little outside of Willemstad in Curacao and managed to find places to eat cheaper. We also found larger supermarkets that had more normal prices, so we could buy necessities for breakfast and lunch.

Beaches: Aruba wins

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Although Curacao has some nice beaches, Aruba has better beaches. The main difference between Aruba and Curacao beaches is that Aruba's beaches are longer and cover a longer coastline, while Curacao's beaches tend to be smaller. Still, you'll find white sand and sparkling turquoise water on both islands, so you can't go wrong.

Eagle Beach is the longest and one of the most popular beaches in Aruba with fofoti beach trees growing downwind. It is also a popular place to stay as there are many hotels along the beach. Baby Beach in Aruba is absolutely beautiful. It is located in a small bay, so the water is calm and incredibly blue. Every beach we drove to was very scenic and had brilliant turquoise water.

My favorite Curaçao is Playa Kenepa. When you arrive, you walk to a viewpoint that overlooks the turquoise bay. It's a really beautiful sight. The sand is white, the water is blue and it's a great place to spend an afternoon.

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Time: Curacao wins

Curacao is sunny with warm/hot temperatures and light breezes. Aruba is sunny with warm/hot temperatures and EXTREMELY BLOWY. Like, windy all the time. Aruba has trade winds that blow constantly across the mostly flat island. My long hair was in a constant knot and I often felt dirty from blowing dirt. Still, it gives a nice respite from the heat.

The good news is that both Aruba and Curacao are outside the hurricane belt, so you don't have to worry about hurricanes or a heavy rainy season. Not to say it won't rain at all - you're more likely to see rain in the fall or winter months, but it's not necessarily something to plan a trip for.

Culture: Curacao wins

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Although we expected to find a strong Dutch influence in Aruba, this was not the case. Yes, Dutch people live there and some people speak Dutch, but Spanish is heard a lot more. Mini markets/grocery stores had Asian names and there were too many American chain restaurants. Aruba is definitely a bit more touristy.

Curaçao was incredibly charming. In Willemstad, you can find brightly colored colonial buildings along the water reminiscent of Amsterdam's canalside buildings. It is also a popular spot for Dutch transplants as the island is larger and known for popular bars and clubs. Then you will hear more people speaking Dutch and you will find more places with Dutch delicacies. My husband was very excited to meet more of his people here and speak their native language again.

Capitals: Curacao wins

In a debate between Aruba and Curacao, Willemstad, Curacao easily wins for capital cities. As I said before, here you will find colorful buildings that look like Amsterdam (although Amsterdam buildings are mostly monochrome). The city is lively and fun to walk around. There are shops, restaurants, history, the Queen Emma Bridge, markets, etc. It's touristy, but it doesn't look too touristy.

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Oranjestad, Aruba was a bit disappointing. The main part of town seemed to be built for cruise ship traffic. Expensive shops and expensive restaurants screamed cruise ship traffic or "tourist trap" to me. The pedestrian street they have was completely empty when we left. I've been to other islands with such shopping areas, which are only alive if the cruise ships come in. It has the colorful buildings of Oranjestad, but we didn't really know where to go or what to do.


Landscape: Aruba wins

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Aruba has a very desert landscape. It's very dry with a lot of dirt and a lot of cacti. There is not much vegetation except cacti and divi divi trees. Curacao didn't have that many cacti, and many of my plants and trees dried up and died. There were still some very nice areas, but the ride was fine. For me, Aruba was a bit more interesting to see because the cactus fields were all over the island.

Safety: Aruba wins

In general, good people live in Aruba. Everyone seems very relaxed and you don't feel the need to keep your things in safes. People assured us that our things would be fine and that they would leave them alone. We met some friendly locals at Carnaval who gave us some tips for visiting and even invited us to go horseback riding with them, which we did!

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We met them at their ranch and went horseback riding among the cacti at sunset. The roads led us through the desert landscape, eventually ending at a secluded beach.

For Curaçao, we felt that we had to be more careful. Although we had no problems, the atmosphere here was a little different. The first thing people told us when we arrived was to NEVER leave anything in the car. We were then told to keep them open with the windows open as break-ins were apparently common. We have been warned several times, and it was also a frequent topic on the forums.

Cruise ports: Curacao wins

Cruises aren't necessarily my thing, but given the popularity of Caribbean cruises, it's a valid topic to mention. Especially since Aruba and Curacao are cruise destinations. In fact, Fodor lists Oranjestad, Aruba as one of the11 busiest ports for cruises.

Although Aruba gets more traffic, the area around the cruise port is very tourist oriented. The long streets are lined with shops and good hotels. There are gift shops and luxury designer boutiques...definitely cater to a certain crowd.

The Curacao Cruise Port is located in Willemstad and puts you within walking distance of the old colonial buildings. Although it still has shops and such, it is a little less Americanized. Some of the shops are located inside the Rif Fort, a historic fortress built in 1828. You can walk across the Queen Emma Bridge and, of course, shop on the main streets. It just has a different feel and you can explore the island's history at the station, whereas Aruba feels more like a shopping port.

When it comes to Aruba vs. Curacao as a cruise stop, Curacao definitely wins in my opinion. Of course, it depends on what type of cruiser you are and what you like to do, can buy luxury items at your home mall.

Flamingos: Aruba wins

I know you've seen photos of pink flamingos on a beautiful tropical beach. Those photos turned out to be from Aruba. But a little context behind the pictures: Flamingos are not actually native to Aruba. They are located on a private island owned by the Renaissance Hotel. There are 6 flamingos that live there permanently, probably their wings have been clipped (nobody seems to know what the story is and why they stay there).

Curaçao, on the other hand, has many flamingos in the wild. But it's certainly not the picturesque setting of a tropical beach. It is probably possible to find them in the St. Willibrordus and in several other lagoon-like locations. Although it is nice to see them in their natural habitat, it is quite a distance. It's hard to see them well, and you'll need a zoom lens and a tripod to take good photos. It's not even the most picturesque place.

This is a bit subjective. I really don't know if Aruban flamingos have their wings clipped or not. They could be saved or there is some other story behind it. If it was a rescue situation, Aruba wins by allowing close encounters and the scenario. Flamingos eating out of your hand on a beautiful beach is hard to beat.

So... Which island is better Aruba than Curacao?

If you've been following along, you'll notice it's a tie, which is why my husband and I have been debating it for so long. There are a few more topics I could add, but they are a bit more specific or difficult for me to answer. As:


I had good seafood on both islands. Aruba has a popular seafood restaurant, Zeerover, where you can choose fresh fish and they will cook it for you. On both islands you can also find traditional Dutch food that is definitely worth trying. However, we didn't eat at too many hot spots for me to get a clear winner.

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Curacao seems to have more diving and definitely more shore diving/snorkeling. Aruba was where I originally wanted to dive because they have a 400 foot wreck (The Antilla) and a few dives after the plane crash but it didn't work out. Instead we dived off Curacao and did a tug wreck and some reef work. I've read on a number of blogs that most people prefer Curacao over Aruba for diving, which surprised me a bit (and given the option, most said Bonaire wins overall).

Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (11)

Use:If you are planning to dive in Aruba or Curacao, make sure you plan your trip with enough time for this! As a general rule, you should wait 24 hours after diving to board your flight.


If we add carnival to the Aruba vs. Curacao debate, I think Curacao would win this one too. We only attended the Aruba Carnival (so I can't really judge), but apparently the Curacao parade and celebration is much, much bigger than Aruba.

Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (12)

We had a great time celebrating Carnival in Aruba and the costumes were fantastic. I experienced a carnival celebration for the first time, I had a lot of fun. But we hear that Curacao has bigger celebrations and a bigger parade.

So who wins: Aruba vs. Curacao?

This is a debate people! Even after weighing both sides, I keep going back and forth. Honestly, it depends on what is most important to you.

Aruba and Curaçao are beautiful islands and both are worth a visit. Curacao might be the best island for you if you have a little more time to explore and want a more tropical Dutch feel. If you want a relaxing beach vacation, then Aruba might be the best island for you.

I would easily return to these two islands. Curaçao-for culture, beautiful buildings and beaches. Aruba: for the beaches, scenery and relaxed atmosphere of the island (and finally diving there!).

If you still need help deciding, read on for more information on each island below!

Do you already know which Caribbean island is for you? Check out these island guides and start planning your trip!

  • Aruba: Guide to the island of Aruba
  • Curacao: The island of Curaçao: a beautiful Caribbean paradise

aruban otok

The first and smallest of the three islands is Aruba.aruban otokit is a fun and beautiful island to visit. Due to its size, it is easy to move and explore. There are some areas built up for tourism, especially around the cruise port. And in general, Aruba is quite 'Americanized'. Although it is the smallest island, it receives almost twice as many tourists as Curaçao, and about 80% of them come from the United States.

In terms of scenery, it has an interesting terrain that was quite unexpected. Instead of tropical palm trees, it has a rocky, desert landscape with lots of cacti. You will even come across giant cacti! The weather is pretty consistent throughout the year, making it an ideal getaway if you're looking for a tropical getaway.

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It is also home to Divi Divi trees and fofoti trees, which, due to the trade winds, face southwest and act as a natural compass. It's great for people who have no sense of direction! (me).

Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (14)

Update:Apparently the Divi Divi trees are often confused with the Fofoti tree! Although they look very similar, their trunks grow slightly differently. Both face southwest because of the wind, but Divi Divi trees are found all over the island, while Fofoti trees are found on the beach.

Another interesting fact about Aruba is that about 20% of the island is a national park. HeArikok National Parkit has a rocky coast and natural pools to explore. To fully explore this part, you should hire a suitable car or you can take a tour of the park.

Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (15)

For the most part, Aruba is a fairly flat island. There are many beautiful beaches and beautiful landscapes here. It was hard to pick a favorite spot because the water was beautiful everywhere.

Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (16)

How many days do you need in Aruba?

Spending 3-5 days in Aruba is plenty of time for a relaxing beach getaway, but you could easily spend a week here. 3 days is shorter - it allows you to spend some time on the beach, but you won't be able to fully explore. 5 days in Aruba is plenty of time to relax and explore, and 7 days will allow you to explore at your own pace and have plenty of time to experience the island.

Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (17)

The island of Curacao

In the middle of Aruba and Bonaire is Curacao. Hethe island of CuracaoIt is the largest of the ABC islands and twice the size of Aruba. Although ironically, it receives about half of Aruba's visitors, and more than 60% of those visitors are only there for one day on a cruise.

Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (18)

This island also has a desert landscape in the interior and definitely beautiful beaches. The landscape is more mountainous with a popular hiking trail to Mount Christoffel, the highest point on Curaçao. Mountain islands are hard to beat, especially when it comes to photography.

Curacao has a strong Dutch culture and is like a tropical version of Amsterdam. The buildings are brightly colored in the capital with the same Dutch colonial look. It is a very colorful island and fun to explore.

Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (19)
Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (20)

Here you'll find a few more Dutch conveniences, including Albert Heijn, a popular Dutch grocery chain, and stalls selling raw herring, a Dutch delicacy served with chopped onions.

How many days do you need in Curaçao?

Since Curacao is a larger island, you'll want to allow a bit more time to explore here. 3 days will allow you to see the highlights, but that's not a lot of time to explore more. Spending 5-7 days in Curaçao is the perfect time to explore the island and relax.

Check out the other great onesCaribbean Islandsto visit!

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Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? (21)

Have you been to these islands? What do you think: Aruba vs Curacao?


Aruba vs Curaçao: Which Caribbean Island is Better? ›

If you'd like a relaxing beach vacation, you'll love Aruba. However, if your main focus is learning about a new culture and history, Curaçao might be ideal. Between the two islands, Curaçao has more of a Dutch Caribbean feel to it than Aruba.

Is it better to go to Aruba or Curaçao? ›

In general, Curacao has more culture and more focus on its heritage. This can be seen in daily life and the number of museums. Many activities on Curacao are related to nature. Aruba has a variety of tourist attractions; from wild life to many casinos.

Which has better beaches Aruba or Curaçao? ›

One of the main things most people want to know is, does Aruba or Curacao have better beaches? While both islands have soft white sand beaches with vividly colored water, the general consensus is that Aruba has better beaches.

Which is the nicest of the ABC islands? ›

While Aruba is the smallest island of the three ABC islands, it's easily the most popular with visitors. It's also the one island known for the most pristine beaches of all three islands. Aruba's picture perfect beaches, sunny climate, and friendly locals have earned it the apt nickname, “One Happy Island.”

Is Curaçao a good island to visit? ›

Cheaper, Less Crowded and Just As Gorgeous, Curaçao Is 2023's Best Island Vacation.

Why is Curaçao so popular? ›

With 35 spectacular beaches, diverse heritage, and stunning European architecture, Curaçao is proving to be an attractive destination for tourists. The island offers unrivaled natural beauty to explore, especially for divers and adventurers.

How many days is enough in Curaçao? ›

Many tourists will tell you the same thing: it is best to stay at least 7 full days in Curaçao. Staying on the island for seven days allows you to get to know all kinds of sights and highlights: amazing experiences that will turn into forever lasting memories.

Is Aruba more expensive than Curaçao? ›

It is generally cheaper to fly to Aruba than to Curacao. Aruba tends to have more direct flights from airports around the world, which cuts down on both flight time and cost. Additionally, Aruba has more low-cost carriers flying into its airport than Curacao.

Can you swim in the ocean in Curaçao? ›

Curacao's beaches tend to be formed between rocky hills and ledges filled with cacti. The contrast amid the ocean, rocks and cacti make for a picturesque beach experience. The beaches on the island are ideal for both swimming and snorkelling, as the waters are incredibly calm.

Is Aruba or the Bahamas nicer? ›

While both offer beautiful scenery and plenty of activities, the Bahamas is ultimately a better option for families looking for an unforgettable experience. With more land area to explore and countless activities on offer, the Bahamas seem to have a bit more family-oriented options.

What is the best time to visit Curaçao? ›

The best time to visit Curaçao is generally between the months of December and mid-April, which is considered peak season. You'll get the most out of your time on this island paradise at this time with most of the events happening, including Curaçao Carnival which culminates with a grand street parade in March.

Which ABC island is the cheapest? ›

What is this? This makes Aruba the easiest, and sometimes the most inexpensive, choice for many U.S. citizens… but that does come with a caveat: Such bustling tourism development makes it harder to feel the local culture of Aruba itself, and exploring behind the resort trail can be difficult.

Where to avoid in Curaçao? ›

Areas that are traditionally considered unsafe (especially at night) are: Koredor, Punda, Otrabanda, the Mambo Beach parking lot, the neighbourhoods of Scharloo, Fleur de Marie, Seru Fortuna, Marchena, Seru di Kandela, Souax, Koraalspecht, Seru Loraweg, Dein, Kanga, and most beach areas.

Is Curaçao cheap or expensive? ›

If you're looking to travel to the tropics on a budget, Curaçao is consistently ranked as one of the most affordable islands in the Caribbean. While prices do increase during high season (December to April), they reduce during the summer and fall.

What is the cheapest month to go to Curaçao? ›

The best time to visit Curaçao is from May to November, during the off-peak season. During these months, you'll find the lowest airfares and hotel rates, with rooms often priced up to 50 percent lower than they are in the high season (especially during summer).

Which is better Curaçao or Bonaire? ›

Curacao has over 35 bays and smaller beaches. Bonaire offers far a tinier number of beaches and also less accessible beaches. Bonaire does offer a more pristine beach with beautiful pebbles and petrified coral, but offers fewer facilities (no umbrellas, chairs, toilets and/or beach bars & restaurants).

Is Curaçao a party island? ›

Curacao has amazing nightlife! Especially at night, Curacao is a huge party island. There are many bars, clubs, and other nightlife you can enjoy. Most of the bars and nightlife are in Willemstad, so you should stay in the town if you want to be near the fun.

How many days do you need in Aruba? ›

Five days seems to be the perfect amount of time to spend in Aruba, but a lot of people visit for a week or longer.

How far apart are Aruba and Curaçao? ›

Curaçao is located approximately 70 miles east of Aruba and 50 miles north of the mainlands of Venezuela.

Is it easy to get around Curaçao without a car? ›

The best way to get around Curaçao is by car. Some of Curaçao's hotels offer area shuttles, and the public buses cover the majority of the island, but service is infrequent, especially outside of Willemstad. If you want to explore the island on your own time, then you'll want your own set of wheels.

Which is better Aruba or Turks and Caicos? ›

They both have similar offerings but do it distinctly. Head to the Turks and Caicos if you want to have a more tranquil vacation with an air of luxury and traditional Caribbean vibe. Aruba has lots of luxury to offer as well, but there's a higher amount of energy and almost an American feel to it. The choice is yours!

Is there nightlife in Aruba or Curaçao? ›

Aruba has a better variety of nightlife options. It's a smaller island than Curaçao, but has more tourists – and those tourists like to party! Palm and Eagle Beach along with the city of Oranjestad offer a variety of nightlife dance clubs and casinos to relaxing beachfront lounges.

What is the cheapest month in Aruba? ›

The cheapest time to visit Aruba is in autumn. Trade winds keeping visitors cool in Aruba's desert landscape fade in September. Deep discounts on lodging, sometimes as much as 50% less than winter highs, can make Aruba a relative bargain this time of year.

What is the prettiest beach in Curaçao? ›

Playa Lagun is one of the most picturesque beaches on the island with colorful fishing boats that look like a coastal scene from Thailand instead of the Caribbean. But the real beauty is below the surface.

Is Curaçao water clear? ›

Curacao boasts incredibly clear blue water that's perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Does Curaçao have white sand beaches? ›

Klein Curacao Beach is the main beach on Little Curacao where you can enjoy crystal blue waters, soft white sands, and incredible underwater views.

Why is Aruba so popular? ›

Dazzling white sands, sun-kissed rocky bays, natural pools carved by Caribbean waves, and seemingly never-ending stretches of jade and turquoise ocean are undoubtedly the main highlights Aruba is known for.

What time of year is best to visit Aruba? ›

The best time to visit is between December and March when sunshine and temperatures are at there best and rainfall is lowest. The hottest month of the year is September with an average daily maximum of 33 C and an average low of 28 C.

What is the best time of year for Aruba? ›

The best time to visit Aruba is from April to August – a huge window of time when the island's high prices take a holiday. And since the island sits well outside the hurricane belt, there's very little threat of tropical storms at this time. January to March features pleasant weather, but the room prices can soar.

Is Curaçao as windy as Aruba? ›

Curacao, too, is a windy island – you will often feel a breeze at night off the water. It may be a little less windy than Aruba, but only marginally so.

What is hurricane season in Curaçao? ›

The hurricane season in the Dutch Caribbean normally runs from June to November. You should monitor local and international weather updates from the Meteorological department of Curaçao and the National Hurricane Centre, and follow the advice of the local authorities.

Does hurricane season affect Curaçao? ›

Curaçao, as a part of the Leeward Antilles, is geographically located outside the Hurricane Belt. As on other islands, strong winds may pass, but rarely pose a threat. Of course, even though Curaçao is outside the hurricane belt, one can never guarantee perfect weather.

What is the #1 Caribbean island? ›

The Dominican Republic is the most visited island in the Caribbean. With its seemingly endless white-sand beaches, the Dominican Republic is a popular getaway for tourists searching for an idyllic vacation, plenty of outdoor adventure, and a tinge of colonial history.

Which Caribbean island is beautiful? ›

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos is a well-known destination in the Caribbean, though its star is the island of Providenciales. Its massive Grace Bay Beach, often called the world's most beautiful, features calm, turquoise waters emblematic of the region.

What is the #1 island in the world? ›

1. Fiji. This archipelago of more than 300 islands is a true tropical paradise, with perfect beaches, colorful marine life, and resorts fit for royalty.

Is Curaçao a pretty island? ›

Curacao is a charming Caribbean island known for the pastel-colored Dutch colonial buildings in its capital city of Willemstad, as well as beautiful beaches, clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs.

What is unique about Curaçao? ›

1. Curacao Actually Consists of Two Islands. Although many people think of it as a singular island, one of my favorite fun facts about Curacao is that it actually consists of two! The main island that people are typically familiar with is Curacao, while the second is the smaller, uninhabited island of Klein Curacao.

Is Curaçao walkable? ›

Overall, the town is very walkable and lively, and it wouldn't be a visit to Curaçao without a day in town. A deliriously fun way to get to know the island, particularly its rockier terrain and infamous caves, is an ATV tour.

Are mosquitoes bad in Curaçao? ›

Prevent bug bites

Bugs (like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas) can spread a number of diseases in Curaçao. Many of these diseases cannot be prevented with a vaccine or medicine.

How bad are mosquitoes in Curaçao? ›

Zika, chikungunya and dengue fever have all been reported in Curaçao, so take care to avoid mosquito bites. Wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible, and use a reliable mosquito repellent.

Is it OK to drink the water in Curaçao? ›

Not only is Curaçao's water safe to drink, it is of the finest quality. Around 1890, American wind turbines were imported to Curaçao for irrigation of the land. In 1928, a seawater distillery for production of drinking water was put into production.

Is Curaçao less windy than Aruba? ›

Curacao, too, is a windy island – you will often feel a breeze at night off the water. It may be a little less windy than Aruba, but only marginally so.

Which has better snorkeling Aruba or Curaçao? ›

Overall, Curaçao has better options for snorkeling and shore diving, where you can walk in from the beach–just make sure to bring water shoes! Virtually all the best snorkeling and diving spots on the island are located along the West Coast.

What time of year is best to go to Curaçao? ›

The best time to visit Curaçao is from May to November, during the off-peak season.

What month is Curaçao best? ›

Outside peak season, Curaçao is perfect in April

In April, the American peak season will come to a stop. Meanwhile, the average temperature continues to rise to an average high of 31 degrees Celsius (88 Fahrenheit). April is also one of the driest months of the year with only 19mm (0.74 Inches) of rain.

Does Curacao have pretty beaches? ›

The beaches around Curacao are some of the finest in the Caribbean. With soft white sand, rugged landscape and amazingly turquoise water, you'll quickly feel like you're in paradise. Curacao's beaches tend to be formed between rocky hills and ledges filled with cacti.

Is there a hurricane season in Curacao? ›

The hurricane season in the Dutch Caribbean normally runs from June to November. You should monitor local and international weather updates from the Meteorological department of Curaçao and the National Hurricane Centre, and follow the advice of the local authorities.

Are the beaches in Aruba swimmable? ›

Spend the day at a family-friendly, tranquil bay

Boca Catalina Beach is a bay beach where all ages can enjoy a bit of swimming, thanks to the calm waters and relative privacy. The beach itself sports soft, white sand, and the waters are calm and shallow enough for even small children to enjoy swimming.

Is the water clear in Curaçao? ›

The beaches in Curacao have crystal clear water, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Curacao has the type of water where you can have visibility up to 100 feet deep in certain areas. This is ideal for snorkeling and other water activities.

What is the best time to go to Aruba? ›

The best time to visit Aruba is from April to August – a huge window of time when the island's high prices take a holiday. And since the island sits well outside the hurricane belt, there's very little threat of tropical storms at this time. January to March features pleasant weather, but the room prices can soar.

Is the water warm in Curaçao? ›

The water at Curaçao's beaches has an average temperature of 27°C (81°F), which makes it ideal to cool off without getting too chilly!


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(Geography King)
6. Which Caribbean Citizenship We've Recommended Least
(Nomad Capitalist)


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