3 overbite correction options and their costs (2023)

What is an overbite?

an excessoverbiteoccurs when a person's upper teeth protrude too far beyond their lower teeth.

It is common for the upper front teeth to slightly overlap the lower ones. But if the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth by more than 30-50%, it is considered aMalocclusion(misalignment).

3 overbite correction options and their costs (1)

Technically, an overbite refers to theVerticalposition of the upper teeth. However, it is also possible that the upper front teeth are too far forward. This is calledauthenticatedbut can also be calledhorizontal overbite.

Both conditions can be referred to as "buck teeth" and both are considered Class II malocclusions.

Vertical overbites can be identified as dental or skeletal depending on the cause.

An excessive overbite can form due to childhood habits of pressing the tongue against the back of the teeth. This is also a common cause of excessive overjet.

An excessive skeletal overbite is caused by irregularly shaped jaws and/or teeth and is typically genetic. Some people are born with malformed jaws that develop unevenly.

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Causes of an overbite

Overbites and overjets are often caused by childhood or childhood habits that create pressure on the backs of the teeth. These habits can include:

  • finger sucking
  • Consistent use of pacifiers
  • drink too much bottle

An overbite can also be caused or made worse during puberty by habits such as:

  • chronic nail biting
  • Chewing writing utensils such as pencils or other objects

Other causes or aggravating factors may include:

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  • An injury to the mouth (e.g. tooth loss)
  • teeth grinding (Bruxism)
  • Dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint(DTM)

Be aware that several factors can contribute to an excessive overbite. There may also be an underlying genetic cause for an abnormal bite or jaw shape/size.

Complications of an overbite

Leaving an overbite or overjet untreated can increase your risk of other problems, such as:

  • Injury to protruding front teeth
  • gingivitis
  • tooth cavity
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disease (TMD)
  • language problems
  • psychological stress

The nature and severity of these complications depends on the cause and extent of the overbite. They can be avoided by treating the overbite as soon as possible. Treatment options include braces, clear aligners, and corrective surgery.

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Treatment options for excessive overbite

There are several orthodontic treatment options:

Tooth extraction for overbite

Tooth extraction may be recommended for young children with overbites. Removing the teeth makes room for the rest of the teeth to grow in a straight line.

This option is usually intended for milk teeth. Adults with overbites may not need permanent teeth removed unless the problem is severe.

Overbite correction with braces

bracesare a popular treatment option to correct an overbite. Braces apply pressure to your teeth to align them properly using a combination of braces, wires, and rubber bands.

It takes at least a few months for the braces to completely correct the position of your teeth.

3 overbite correction options and their costs (2)

The entire process of correcting an overbite with braces can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. After completing the device treatment, the patient should wear aHalteror use permanent dental floss to keep teeth in place.

Most people who undergo overbite correction with braces are children and adolescents. However, traditional braces are also used in adults.

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However, if part of the cause of the overbite is a problem with jaw alignment, children and adolescents may need additional treatment, such as B. braces. In adults, jaw surgery may be required.

equipment costs

Öequipment costsit usually depends on the type, length of treatment and needs of the patient.

  • a requestusually costs between $275 and $300
  • Traditional metal implementscan cost anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000
  • ceramic deviceare more expensive, ranging from $4,000 to $8,000

In some states, children are required to have dental insurance coverage for braces. However, insurance may only cover part of the adult fees.

The cover does not take into account whether the need for the device is aesthetic or not. Most insurers will cover treatment if the plan includes orthodontic services. However, you don't pay for braces if the coverage isn't in placeorthodontic benefits.

clear aligners for overbites

Clear Alignerare plastic splints that work similar to braces by applying constant pressure to your teeth. This pressure gradually moves the teeth into a better position. Clear aligners can help with mild to moderate overbites.

3 overbite correction options and their costs (3)

People who wear clear aligners should wear them at least 22 hours a day. They should also be worn while sleeping. They can only be removed for feeding and oral health practices like brushing and flossing.

Patients receive new sets of aligners every few weeks. Each tray is used for about two weeks to slightly shift the teeth. After two weeks, patients should switch to the next splint in the treatment.

The entire procedure can take up to 26 spoons depending on the severity of the overbite. This includes one tray every two weeks for 12 months.

Aligner costs

ÖAligner costsdepends on the brand chosen, the treatment time and the number of splints required. Many companies offer a payment plan option. This treatment plan allows patients to make a down payment followed by smaller monthly payments.

Invisalignis one of the most popular brands selling clear aligners. OCost of Invisalignranges from $3,000 to $8,000. Invisalign is also generally the most expensive brand of clear aligners.

Byteoffers a cheaper option. These aligners cost $1,895 when paid for in full. Byte does not use direct dental supervision, so it is not recommended for complex orthodontic cases such as severe overbites.

Your dental insurance may offer at least partial coverage for clear aligners. If you have dental insurance, consult your current plan to determine coverage.

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Functional devices for overbites

In order for the overbite treatment to be fully effective, it may be necessary to combine orthodontic appliances with functional appliances. These appliances apply pressure to align the upper and lower jaws, just like braces do.

Öfall deviceIt is a common device used to treat overbite or overjet problems. It is placed in the mouth to bring the lower jaw forward.

orthodontic beltcan also be used. that wouldcervical traction beltfor overbites and overjets (class II defects). The cervical traction strap holds the upper jaw and teeth in place to allow for the growth of the lower jaw.

Costs for working devices

Headgear or other treatments using functional devices can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $9,000. Because these devices are bundled with home appliances, additional charges may apply.

However, such treatment is likely to be covered by insurance if deemed medically necessary. Check with your insurance provider to be sure what they cover.

Overbite surgery (jaw surgery)

If there is a skeletal overbite, this may be necessary in some extreme casesOrthognathic Surgery. This surgery is designed to reposition the jaw when other orthodontic treatments fail.

Orthodontic surgery corrects the relationship between the upper and lower jaws so they function better when eating, breathing, and speaking. These corrections can also improve the appearance of the face.

Surgery to correct a severe overbite is usually reserved for adults only. This is because their jaws are no longer developing or as flexible as children's.

For the same reasonJaw surgery is generally not recommended for women under the age of 16 or men under the age of 21. Braces are likely to be recommended when the jaw is still growing.

In most cases of severe overbite surgery, patients wear braces before and after the procedure. These keys cannot be removed until the healing and alignment is complete.

Typically, an orthodontist works with an oral and maxillofacial (maxillofacial) surgeon to deliver the treatment.

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Cost of jaw surgery

The cost of jaw surgery usually varies between20.000 US-Dollar bis 40.000 US-Dollar. An operation for a temporomandibular joint disorder can be expensiveup to $50,000.

Patients with health insurance can cover orthognathic surgery in some cases. Some health plans state that jaw surgery is medically necessary when skeletal problems are causing sleep apnea, breathing difficulties, or severe speech problems.

Jaw surgery is cosmetic when orthognathic surgery only improves facial appearance or is not medically urgent.

Check with your provider to see what your insurance will and won't cover.

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